Ecommerce Webshops

In the early online shopping period around the year 2000, only custom-made solutions were being built for ecommerce webshops. As a result of the enormous growth of the past years various standard solutions have been developed with which good ecommerce webshops can be built. The most important players in the standard ecommerce webshop software world are Hybris ( SAP ), ATG ( Oracle ), Intershop and Magento. These ecommerce webshop solutions are geared more towards the front-end part and are less focused on the “back-end”. Hybris, next to a front-end solution, also has a PIM (product information manager) solution. Most of these solutions are also available as stand-alone versions or as cloud applications Many available solutions, but which one fits your company, activities and business case the best? We know all solutions and we will help you make the right choice.

Ecommerce webshop functionalities

An Ecommerce webshop needs to have a functional front end (showcase) so that marketeers and webshop managers can’t see any limits to their commercial activities. In practice it is often very different. Many functional changes demand large IT capacity and long lead times. In addition, organisations aren’t yet used to tackling these cases a on project basis causing frustration with commerce as well as with IT. At the (re) start of the building of ecommerce webshops, it is of the utmost importance that the functionality wishes are as clear as possible. That is true as well for in-house IT departments as for production that has been outsourced. A clear functional design (FD) is crucial. Unfortunately in practice there are many cuts in man-hours. This often causes problems during the project. We will help you to formulate your wishes as clearly as possible in every phase.

Ecommerce webshop promotion management

An Ecommerce webshop front-end solution often has limited promotion management functionalities. Thankfully this is getting better, but what if your marketeers think up things that are technically impossible? That is why promotion management is increasingly being offered as a separate module that is no longer part of a front-end solution. Then there is the rise of development of dynamic content based on visitor behaviour. These are features that demand more from ecommerce webshops than they did previously. Our experts are available here as well to discuss solutions and adjustments to your existing or new webshop.

Omni Channel solutions

Omni channel solutions are different for each and every company. For a retailer this can mean that he wants to integrate his Ecommerce webshop completely with his stores by linking databases, payment systems and POS display possibilities. Longtail opportunities should also be seen as an omni channel solution.

For a B2B company like a wholesaler or manufacturer/brand this can mean that they will deliver directly to consumers (B2C) or via dealers to consumers (B2B2C). This demands not only the correct omni multi or cross channel solution, but adjustments within organisations as well, because there is a shift from “pallet sales” to distributing “singles”. Our omni channel specialists work for retailers as well as for wholesalers and brands and they know all possibilities and traps.