Ecommerce Cloud Hosting

Reliable hosting is essential for ecommerce. Ecommerce hosting for small and large companies alike therefore demands a solution that is consistent with the ecommerce strategy. Ecommerce hosting ideally has the following characteristics: flexible, safe, scalable and cost efficient. Ecommerce hosting can be set up in many different ways. In the past when the preferred situation was to own a rack of servers in-house, people soon decided out of safety concerns to make use of hosting centres in the country one was based in. In a secured environment space can be rented and place one’s servers there, or rent servers that are monitored and maintained by a hosting party. Because ecommerce hosting is becoming more important, ecommerce cloud hosting is being used more often now. Research has shown that performance of a webshop is crucial for success. A delay of 1 second can result in 7% less turnover! (source: Google research). In addition to that loading times are an important factor for the Google ranking (SEO).

Ecommerce cloud hosting for peak load

Ecommerce cloud hosting is on the rise and that is not without reason. With a webshop traffic can fluctuate heavily. From the quietest moments to unexpected heavy traffic as a result of a successful campaign, email newsletter or special offer. Even rolling out webshops in more countries is not a problem anymore. Auto scaling ensures that the webshop remains online at all times because the bandwidth necessary to accommodate all visitors grows automatically with the demand. You do not need to buy or rent expensive servers anymore, you just pay for online time and bandwidth.

Ecommerce cloud hosting for international webshops

When you have webshops that have to be active all over the world, it is important to make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN). In this way the ecommerce content will be placed on servers all over the world and delivered to visitors from the closest location worldwide. Visitors will thus always experience pages that load quickly. People will never again have to wait because of slow international connections. ( latency )

Ecommerce cloud hosting optimisation

Ecommerce cloud hosting is not just one general solution, but needs to be optimised for the type of ecommerce software. For nearly all webshops there is optimised ecommerce cloud hosting available. This guarantees a fast performance at all times, even during the busiest moments. With ecommerce cloud hosting you normally do not have long-term contracts anymore and any advance investments in IT infrastructure. Our consultants will gladly help you with the business case, choice and implementation.