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Which webshop platform is most suitable for my company and how do I make the right choice?

Choosing a new Webshop Platform is like mountain climbing without a guide….
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By professionalizing the Ecommerce market, many standard Ecommerce webshop solutions have been developed. The most important world players are SAP / Hybris, Salesforce, Intershop, Episerver, Sitecore, Oracle and Adobe / Magento. These Ecommerce webshops each target a separate segment of the market. One solution costs relatively little and the other a fortune. Because developments occur at a rapid pace, it is important to choose a webshop platform that can grow just as fast as the company. Besides the global players as mentioned above, there are also many local players that can offer interesting solutions. But which of the many Ecommerce Webshop solutions is truly "future proof" and best suited to your company, sector, activities and business case? And are you going to start with Ecommerce, or do you want to have a new solution In order to grow faster internationally? If Ecommerce is essential to your business, then making the right choice is even more important. Choosing the wrong solution can have fatal consequences for your turnover or reputation. We are familiar with all the solutions, both international and local, and know which pitfalls are associated with which solutions. Sometimes "expensive" seems to be a lot cheaper and vice versa.


Which functionalities best match the Customer Journey of my customers?

An online shop should have a functional front (shop window) so that marketers and shop managers do not see any limitations in their commercial activities. Practice, however, is often different. Many functional changes require a lot of IT capacity and long lead times. In addition, organisations are unfortunately not yet used to dealing with these kinds of issues on a project basis, which leads to frustration on the part of both commerce and IT. At the start of the construction of Ecommerce Webshops, it is very important that the functional requirements are as clear as possible. Unfortunately, in practice, this is often achieved by cutting back on hours. This often leads to problems during the project. Fortunately, there are now solutions that involve working with "building blocks" and using a Scrum method to create the perfect solution step by step. We help you to formulate the requirements as clearly as possible in every phase.


Can I combine online and offline promotions in one smart Omni-Channel Ecommerce solution?

Front-end solutions for Ecommerce Webshops often have limited promotion management functionalities. Fortunately this is getting better, but what if your marketers come up with things that are not technically possible? That is why promotion management is increasingly being offered as a separate module that is no longer part of a front-end solution, but as a standalone solution. In addition, dynamic content based on visitor behavior is essential in the Customer Journey. These are functionalities that demand more from Ecommerce webshops than was previously the case. To optimize your Ecommerce functionalities, linking with customer data systems is more necessary than ever.


Omni-Channel solutions are different for every company. For a retailer, this can mean that he wants to fully integrate his webshop into his stores by linking databases, payment systems and POS display options. Longtail options should also be seen as an Omni-Channel solution. For a wholesaler or manufacturer, this can mean that they will deliver directly to consumers (B2C) or via dealers (B2B2C). This not only requires the correct Omni-Channel solution, but also adjustments within organizations because, in addition to boxes and pallets, they now also have separate “ eentjes ”should start distributing. In addition, customer contact in B2C is fundamentally different from B2B. Our Omni-Channel specialists work for both Retailers and for Wholesalers and Brands. They know all the possibilities and pitfalls.


Choosing a Ecommerce Platform seems simple: just Google it, approach the suppliers of the first two pages and ask for their demo. However, research shows that many platform choices later turned out to be not so good. Paying too much, too few functionalities, no development freedom, too complex or not the right integration options with other systems. Not to mention implementation partners…

Don't take any chances! We know almost all Ecommerce solutions with their advantages and disadvantages. Below you can see how we can help you in a transparent way. You choose what help you need: from a nudge in the right direction to complete unburdening and guidance. We guarantee you transparent and supplier-independent advice. We always recoup our costs for you!

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