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Almost all companies now sell online. In addition to their own webshop, more and more companies are operating a digital sales channel on a Marketplace or Online Platform. These Online Marketplaces are characterized by an extreme growth in the number of visitors and sales. There are many Online Marketplaces in Europe and beyond, among others Amazon, AliBaba,, Fruugo, Wish, etc. More and more online players are also opening their own web shop to third parties., Wehkamp, Fonq but also smaller niche players like believe in the model of Online Marketplaces.

With the arrival of Amazon to the Netherlands and Belgium, there will be shifts in the online landscape that was previously so neatly divided between a few superpowers and a lot of small players. What will change for your company? What are your opportunities and challenges as a Retailer, Wholesaler, Manufacturer or Brand? The number of Marketplaces on which opportunities can be exploited is growing. An overview of the current players in the European market is shown in the image above Twinkle Magazine  Doing business with Online Marketplaces is not just a matter of distribution strategy, but also smart systems that keep your costs to a minimum and increase your sales.


For Retailers

As a Retailer, can I sell on an Online Marketplace and will that bring me sustainable growth?

Selling on Online Marketplaces offers great opportunities for Retail companies. Independently it is usually impossible to get so many visitors in your own webshop. When looking for a large audience, online marketplaces are often ideal. It is true that a hefty fee is usually paid on turnover. Online Marketplaces lend themselves better to one product than to another, but that is a question of proposition, positioning and margin of the product. Exclusive products are often not offered there because brand owners prohibit this or only do it themselves. Online Marketplaces often make demands on the provider such as availability of products, delivery speed, service level, etc. One is stricter than the other, but in any case it compels to improve the service and product quality. So do you want to let many visitors not only look but also buy? Then selling on Online Marketplaces might be something for your company!

For Wholesalers

How can I as a Wholesaler sell on an Online Marketplace without harming my current sales channels?

Wholesalers often have a long history in their category. Many wholesalers still work traditionally with their fixed sales channels. But the world is also changing for wholesalers with the arrival of the internet and giants such as Amazon and AliBaba. The transparency and price pressure that this entails makes more and more resellers wonder whether they cannot fulfill the role of wholesaler themselves. The internet also makes manufacturers more accessible and this often results in wholesalers being eliminated in the distribution chain. Sooner or later, the wholesaler in its traditional form of hatch will no longer have a right to exist. More and more wholesalers are therefore revising their distribution strategy. Many wholesalers will therefore also sell online to end users via Marketplaces. Obviously, this should be done carefully to avoid problems with existing resellers. Sometimes channel conflicts arise, but they can often be resolved. For every wholesaler there are opportunities to sell worldwide. With a good Distribution Strategy, an IT platform and adjustments in the organization, you are ready for Wholesale 2.0.

Marketplaces for Manufacturers & Brands

Many manufacturers of (A) brands have been struggling with their sales channels for consumer favor for years. The large supermarket groups dominate the market in the FMCG channel. This forces manufacturers to adjust their product range to the profit targets of the retailers. This is not a good development in the context of innovation and product development. In addition to the aforementioned Marketplaces, there are also various initiatives in the FMCG market in this area, such as Shobr, INS and Ocado. Platforms for FMCG manufacturers to display and sell their entire product range. Initiatives of this kind will emerge for almost every industry in the near future. So do you also want to receive more exposure from your entire product range and customer information? Then sooner or later, selling through Marketplaces may also be a good strategic step for your company.

How do I sell on Marketplaces?

Online Marketplaces such as Amazon place high demands on your services to their customers. This means that your systems must be continuously up to date. Ecommerce Result knows all Marketplaces, possibilities, processes and systems and helps you from the beginning to the end. We help you to clarify what it means for your brand and organization. Then we "connect" your organization to the Online Marketplaces of your choice using the correct marketplace system. When potential channel conflicts arise with your resellers, we can advise you on how to resolve them and make them a "win-win". With the right guidance, the world is at your feet!

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