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How do I get maximum return from online marketplaces?

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In addition to operating your own webshop, you want to generate revenue through additional digital sales channels. Online marketplaces in particular have the potential for extreme growth in the number of visitors and sales. There are many online marketplaces, inside and outside Europe. The most famous are AmazonAliBabaBol.comFruugoWish† And they increasingly open their own webshop to third parties., Wehkamp and Fonq led the way, but smaller niche players such as also believe in the model of online marketplaces.

Due to the arrival of Amazon in the Netherlands and Belgium, important shifts are occurring in the online landscape, which was previously so clearly divided between a few superpowers and a lot of small players. What is the impact of this on your company? What are the opportunities and challenges for retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers and brands? The number of marketplaces that offer new revenue and growth opportunities is increasing. The picture of Twinkle Magazine offers a good overview of the current relevant players in the European market. Doing business with online marketplaces is not just a matter of distribution strategy, but also smart systems that keep your costs to a minimum and increase your sales volumes and turnover.


Can I sell on an online marketplace as a retailer and will that bring me sustainable growth?

Selling on online marketplaces offers retailers great opportunities. Independently it is usually impossible to get so many visitors to your own webshop. If you want to reach a large audience, online marketplaces are often ideal. It is true that you usually pay a hefty fee on the turnover. And online marketplaces lend themselves better to some products than others. That is a matter of proposition, positioning and the margin of the product. Exclusive products are often not offered on marketplaces, because brand owners forbid this or only do it themselves. Online marketplaces often impose requirements on the provider, such as product availability, delivery speed and service level. Some are stricter than others, but in any case it forces us to improve the service and quality of products. Do you want to reach many visitors who not only look but also buy? Then selling via online marketplaces can also be attractive for your company.


As a wholesaler, how do I set up online marketplaces without harming my existing sales channels?

Wholesalers often have a long history and often work through traditional, fixed sales channels. But the world has also changed significantly for wholesalers due to the internet and giants such as Amazon and AliBaba. Due to the transparency and price pressure, more and more resellers are wondering whether they can fulfill the role of wholesaler themselves. The internet also makes manufacturers more accessible. As a result, the role of wholesalers in the distribution chain is diminishing or even disappearing. The wholesaler in its traditional function as a conduit sooner or later will no longer have a right to exist. That is why more and more wholesalers are rethinking their distribution strategy. Increasingly, they are selling directly to end users through online channels. In addition, marketplaces are the most used channels. Of course, this should be done carefully to avoid problems with existing resellers. Sometimes channel conflicts arise, but they can often be resolved. There are opportunities for every wholesaler to sell worldwide. With a good distribution strategy, an IT platform and organizational changes, you are ready for new wholesale roles.


Many manufacturers of (A-) brands have been battling their sales channels for the consumer's favor for years. The large supermarket groups dominate the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) channel. They force manufacturers to adapt their assortment to the profit targets of the retailers. This is not a good development in the context of innovation and product development. In addition to the aforementioned marketplaces, there are also various initiatives in the FMCG market in this area, such as Shobr, INS and Ocado. These are platforms for FMCG manufacturers to display and sell their entire product range. Such initiatives are increasing for almost every industry. Do you also want more exposure of your entire product range? And do you want to be able to steer on customer data? Then selling via marketplaces can be a welcome strategic step.


Online marketplaces such as Amazon place high demands on your services to their customers. This means that your systems must be continuously up-to-date. Ecommerce Result knows all market places, possibilities, processes and systems and offers all-round support in every phase of the process. First, we clarify what selling via online marketplaces means for your brand and organization. We then ensure the right 'connection' by means of the most suitable marketplace system, tailored to the online marketplaces of your choice. In case of possible channel conflicts with resellers, we advise on solutions that result in a win-win situation. With the right guidance, the world is at your feet.


Choosing a Ecommerce platform seems easy. Just google, approach the suppliers of the first two pages and ask for their demo. However, research shows that many platform choices do not turn out so well later on. Paying too much, too few functionalities, no development freedom, too complex or not the right integration options with other systems. Not to mention implementation partners…

Don't take any chances! We know almost all Ecommerce solutions with their advantages and disadvantages. Decide for yourself what type of support is desired: from a nudge in the right direction to complete unburdening and guidance. We guarantee transparent and supplier-independent advice. We always recoup our costs for you.

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