Since the introduction of the first webshops, Ecommerce has become an integral part of business operations in most companies. However, many webshops do not or hardly yield a return. An important reason for many companies is the loss of market share to competitors. They were able to increase their marketing expenses with lower costs and thereby attract more buyers. These lower costs are usually in better automated processes. Continuing to do the entire product and price management “manually” is one of the reasons for the costs being too high. A lot of time, incorrect product information, unclear photos and little or no control. Potential buyers who visit your webshop drop out and buy from a webshop that does have all the information in order. A PIM System is designed to reduce the costs of product, price and assortment management and speed up the process. But what system is it now best suited for your company? Our PIM system advice is unique.

Because we have already advised and analyzed more than 300 PIM system projects, we can therefore advise you independently of suppliers. We work daily on our information provision about the latest developments with suppliers. Our knowledge always ensures that the costs of our advice are recouped in multiple by savings that we can realize for you.



Do I have enough in-house knowledge to understand the complexity of the processes surrounding a PIM System?

A PIM System is a complex solution that affects all commercial processes in your organization. A PIM System is not a typical "IT solution" but a software tool that can reduce the costs of product information management. The choice of a PIM System therefore has much more to do with "business needs" than with the IT architecture, although it will become an integral part of this. To quickly clarify which PIM system is suitable for your organization, you can choose from a "compact" or an "extensive" PIM advice. During a non-committal conversation we can quickly find out through our experience whether an extensive analysis is necessary. In about 70% of the projects, a compact advice is sufficient to clarify whether a PIM System makes sense, which solution to choose and what costs this entails. That way you quickly know where you stand.


Which matters are important when choosing a PIM System for my organization?

First of all, we analyze whether it makes sense to invest in a PIM System. Based on our knowledge, we can immediately indicate which type of system suits your company and industry. In our analysis we look at the following matters:

Type of company: are you an (online) retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or brand? Each type of company has different requirements and therefore needs a different solution or design

Number of different articles: amount of work per period, how many changes, how many attributes, how many texts and languages etc.

Complexity of the products: many branches have different data standards such as GS1, ETIM, DST, TecDoc, IceCat etc.

Number of users: the more users work with a PIM System, the more important roles, rights and a good workflow are

Type of users: PIM systems come in different types, from highly technical to very user-friendly intuitive solutions

Advantages of PIM advice

If you plan to invest in a business-critical solution such as a PIM System, it is important to get good advice. More than 80 different systems are available in Europe alone, each of which can meet specific requirements and wishes. Ecommerce Result is the most specialized consultancy in the field of PIM Systems. The advantages of sound advice include:

Lower costs: unnecessary costs are avoided by choosing the right solution. In addition, we know all price lists and discount options for solutions so that we can advise you during contract negotiations

Faster delivery: Ecommerce Result knows the market of PIM Systems and suppliers like no other. So we know where any weak spots are at suppliers and can prevent them. Your guarantee for a flawless project!

Smarter design: a PIM system is just like a block box. The many different applications require knowledge to come to the right design so that you get the maximum return from your investment.

Want to know how we can help you choose and set up a PIM System?