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Choosing a PIM system is like mountain climbing without a guide….
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An expert PIM system advice strengthens your competitive position. After all, since the introduction of the first web shops, Ecommerce has become an integral part of business operations for many companies. But many webshops do not yield any or insufficient returns. A major reason for this is often the loss of market share to competitors who are able to increase their marketing efforts at less cost and thereby attract more buyers. This cost reduction and efficiency gain are usually found in better automated processes. Companies that continue to do the entire product and price management process 'manually' face higher costs. Moreover, the processes take a lot of time, there is a great chance of incorrect product information, photos are often missing or photos of poor quality are used, and there is little or no control. Potential buyers who visit your webshop will drop out and buy from a webshop that does have all product data in order. A PIM system was developed to reduce the costs of product, price and assortment management and to speed up the process. But what system is it best suited for your company? Our PIM system advice results in the best solution.

Because we have already been involved in more than 300 projects related to PIM systems, with advice, analyzes and supervision of the implementation, we can determine the most suitable solution independently of suppliers. We work daily on our information provision about the latest developments. We do this in consultation with suppliers. Our knowledge and experience result in PIM system advice that always amply pays for itself. Also benefit from our expertise.


A PIM system often speeds up the resolution of complex IT issues

The choice and implementation of a PIM system affects all commercial processes in your organization. A PIM system is not a typical IT solution, but a software tool that reduces the costs of product data management. The choice of a PIM System therefore has much more to do with business needs than with the IT architecture, although it will become an integral part of it. To quickly get a clear picture of which PIM system is suitable for your organization, you can opt for compact or all-round PIM advice. Thanks to our experience, we can quickly find out during a non-binding conversation whether an extensive analysis is necessary. In approximately 70% of the projects, a compact advice is sufficient to clarify whether a PIM system makes sense, which solution gives the best results, and what costs this entails. That way you quickly know where you stand.


Which factors are important when choosing a PIM system for my organization?

First of all, we analyze whether it makes sense to invest in a PIM system. Based on our knowledge, we can immediately indicate which type of system suits your company and industry. In our analysis we look at:

  • type of company: (online) retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer or brand? Every type of company has different requirements and therefore needs a different solution or design
  • number of different articles: amount of work per period, how many mutations, how many attributes, how many texts and languages, and so on
  • complexity of the products: many industries have different data standards such as GS1, ETIM, DST, TecDoc, IceCat, etc.
  • number of users: the more users work with a PIM system, the more important the roles, rights and a good workflow are
  • type of users: PIM systems come in different types, from highly technical to very user-friendly, intuitive solutions


When you plan to invest in a business-critical solution such as a PIM system, it is important to obtain good and, above all, independent advice. There are more than 100 different systems (worldwide even 250) available in Europe alone, each of which can fulfill specific requirements and wishes. Ecommerce Result is the most specialized consultancy in the field of PIM systems. Sound advice brings many benefits.

  • Lower costs: by choosing the right solution you avoid unnecessary costs. In addition, we know all price lists and discount options for solutions. This allows us to advise you during the contract negotiation.
  • Faster delivery: Ecommerce Result knows the market for PIM systems and suppliers like no other. We know where possible weak spots are at suppliers and can prevent them. There is no better guarantee for a successful project.
  • Smarter design: a PIM system is like a box of blocks. The many different applications require knowledge to arrive at the correct layout, so that you get the maximum return from your investment.


Choosing a PIM system seems easy. Just google, approach the PIM suppliers on the first two pages, and request their demo. However, research shows that more than 80% of the PIM choices do not yield the most optimal results. Many companies pay too much for functionalities that they do not need or for too few functionalities. Systems are often too complex or do not integrate well with existing IT systems. With all the negative consequences that entails.

We know almost all PIM solutions. We know the specific advantages and disadvantages of the different systems and suppliers. Choose the service that suits your needs. From a nudge in the right direction to complete unburdening and guidance. We sign for clear and supplier-independent advice. We always recoup our costs for you. Guaranteed.

The latest trends in product data management.

Receive tips & tricks without obligation?

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