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Technology continues to innovate and improve. So sooner or later you will be faced with an RFP RFI supplier selection. It is a critical process, because if you are going to invest in new Ecommerce technology, a Online store,  PIM System, a Customer Data Platform or a total replacement of your existing Ecommerce IT, then there are many options. Suppliers are eager to deliver. The more solutions the better, regardless of whether you need them all. But what is the right solution for your company? Which specific functionalities add value to your business? And what about things like links with existing systems, scalability, 'cultural fit' and future service and further development?

A good TCO calculation (total cost of ownership) is very important for mapping future costs. Perhaps a completely new platform to replace several old systems is the most effective and cost-efficient solution. This choice often proves to further reduce the total operational costs and to increase manageability. Which supplier and which solutions are most profitable for your specific business? We know the market, the quality and the reliability of almost all suppliers and solutions. Based on that knowledge, we provide professional support for your RFP RFI supplier selection.


What do I have to consider when choosing a new Ecommerce platform?

Most companies nowadays opt for a standard Ecommerce solution instead of customization. The advantage of this type of solution is that development is faster and usually cheaper. Well-known providers of Ecommerce solutions are Oracle, SAP, Intershop, Salesforce, Shopify and Magento. There is a lot of difference between the solutions, providers and developers, as can be seen during the RFP RFI supplier selection. An expensive solution these days is not necessarily better than a 'cheap' SAAS (software as a service) solution. The difference is mainly in the so-called architecture. In other words: how does a solution fit into the IT landscape, how are updates implemented, and how scalable is the solution? We would be happy to assist you in the selection process. Two know more than one.


There are important points to consider in an RFP RFI selection. For example, a commonly used assumption is that an investment in (new) Ecommerce technology usually has an economic life of five years. After that, the investment would be 'obsolete'. But what if a SAAS solution is continuously updated? Where there is a high level of ambition, it is unwise to experiment with 'toys'. A lot of traffic and transactions simply cannot be processed by a 'simple system'. The stability of the solution plays a major role here. The customer experience quickly suffers from a rickety IT solution. In addition to the software, the right hosting is essential. We see in practice that many solutions fail here. After sending an e-mail newsletter, for example, the webshop is slow or even unreachable at all. The following applies to every Ecommerce IT solution: the chain is only as strong as the weakest link! Don't take any risks and provide robust and smart solutions.


Ecommerce Result has supervised or reviewed more than 350 projects in recent years. We have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from solutions, suppliers and implementation parties. We know the market, the costs and the business case of almost every solution. If you let our experts guide your selection process, you not only make a well-founded choice, but you also save a lot on the investment. We know the maximum discounts that suppliers apply in the market for almost all solutions. This way you are assured of the best offer and you never pay too much. And what about our costs? Believe us, we will earn it back for you many times over. A classic win-win example.

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