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The reliability and stability of Ecommerce hosting are essential for your business. Numerous studies indicate that the performance of a webshop is crucial for its success. One second of delay can result in 7% less revenue, according to Google research. In addition, the loading time is an important factor for the Google ranking (SEO). Ecommerce hosting for both small and large companies therefore requires a solution that supports your Ecommerce strategy. Ideally, hosting services should meet the following characteristics: flexible, secure, scalable and cost efficient. Ecommerce hosting can be set up in various ways. Where the preference used to be for our own rack with servers, we soon started using hosting centers for security reasons, usually in the country of residence. You can rent a place there and set up your own servers in a secure environment, or rent servers that a hosting party monitors and maintains. As Ecommerce hosting becomes more and more important, the application of Ecommerce cloud hosting is still increasing. Ecommerce cloud hosting therefore offers many advantages.


Ecommerce cloud hosting helps with peaks

Ecommerce cloud hosting is on the rise and for good reason. At a webshop, traffic can fluctuate considerably. From the quietest moments to unexpectedly high traffic due to a successful campaign, e-mail newsletter or special offer. Rolling out web shops in more countries is no longer a problem either. Auto Scaling ensures that the webshop remains online at all times. The bandwidth required for all visitors automatically grows with the demand. So you no longer buy or rent expensive servers, but pay for the online time and bandwidth used.


Do my international visitors and customers have the same fast loading times as I am used to?

If you operate web shops that need to be active all over the world, it is important to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). As a result, the ecommerce content is placed on servers around the world and delivered to the visitors from the closest location, worldwide. As a result, visitors always experience fast-loading pages. This optimizes the User Experience. Waiting due to slow international connections (latency) is history. To realize this, Ecommerce cloud hosting is also the best solution for international business.


Ecommerce cloud hosting is not just one general solution, but should be optimized for the type of Ecommerce solution and the load. An optimized Ecommerce cloud hosting solution is available for almost all webshops. This means that a guaranteed fast performance can be delivered at both quiet and busy moments. With Ecommerce cloud hosting you are usually no longer tied to long-term contracts. Also, high investments are no longer required in your IT infrastructure. It is important to choose a solution that fits the business case. Because Ecommerce cloud hosting is hosting is not just a cost item. With the right choice, Ecommerce cloud hosting is an important competitive factor. Our specialists are happy to show you the way.

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