Reliable hosting is essential for Ecommerce. Research has shown that the performance of a webshop is crucial for its success. Just 1 second delay can result in 7% less sales! (source: Google research). In addition, the loading time is also an important factor for the Google ranking (SEO). Ecommerce hosting for both small and large companies therefore requires a solution in line with the Ecommerce strategy. Ecommerce hosting ideally has the following characteristics: flexible, secure, scalable and cost efficient. Ecommerce hosting can be set up in various ways. Where previously people preferred to have their own rack of servers in-house, we quickly started using hosting centers in the country where they are located for security reasons. In a secure environment you can rent a place there and set up your own servers, or rent servers that are monitored and maintained by a hosting party. Because Ecommerce hosting is becoming increasingly important, Ecommerce cloud hosting is increasingly being used. This has many advantages.



How can I set up my Ecommerce hosting so that I can absorb heavy spikes in the number of visitors?

Ecommerce cloud hosting is on the rise and for good reason. Traffic can fluctuate considerably in a webshop. From the most peaceful moments to unexpected traffic due to a successful campaign, email newsletter or special offer. Rolling out web shops in more countries is no longer a problem either. Auto Scaling ensures that the webshop remains online at all times because the bandwidth required for all visitors automatically grows with demand. So you no longer buy or rent expensive servers, but only pay online time and bandwidth.


Do my international visitors and customers have the same fast loading times as I am used to?

When you have webshops that need to be active all over the world, it is important to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). As a result, the ecommerce content is placed on servers all over the world and delivered to the visitors from the nearest location worldwide. Visitors always experience fast-loading pages. One never has to wait again because of slow international connections. (latency)

Ecommerce hosting optimization

Ecommerce Cloud Hosting is not just one general solution, but should be optimized for the type of Ecommerce solution and the load. Optimized Ecommerce Cloud hosting is available for almost all webshops. This ensures a guaranteed fast performance at both quiet and busy times. With Ecommerce Cloudhosting you usually no longer have long-term contracts and no up-front investments in IT infrastructure. It is especially important to look at the business case, because hosting is not only a cost item, but can also make the difference between you and your competitor.


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