If you have a webshop with a wide range of products, it is difficult to make it easy to find for your visitors. Especially if you want to make products findable by linking them to reference data such as in data pools such as TecDoc, GS1, ETIM, DST, IceCat etc. In addition, it is important that the results are shown in the correct order, with relevance for the customer. , margin or, for example, stock as a starting point. These are facilities that are available at the major web shops such as Amazon and AliBaba, but continue to pose a problem for the smaller companies. We solve this with an architecture we developed with Insite Search Engines.

With this solution, we can link millions of products to billions of reference rules and make products findable for your customers. The goal is to increase conversion by showing the right products in the right order linked to a specific search or selection. In Site Search Engines and navigation tools are prepared by our specialists so that they deliver their optimal result in your webshop. We mainly work with Elastic Search as the underlying technology, but combine it with smart tools so that the correct search result is obtained.




How does that work technically and what does it yield for my company?

Site Search Engines and navigation tools (also known as Information Retrieval Tools) provide a convenient way for you to structure, analyze and present the information in your web shop. For your visitors it helps to find information on your site quickly, using your own search terms. Once installed, the In Site Search Engine developed by our experts is able to index, search, and capture relationships between products and reference data in large amounts of very different data. By cleverly combining this technology with the right webshop or PIM solution (not all solutions can be used), we achieve significant conversion improvements and customer satisfaction.

Implementing an In Site Search Engine

The best known and most used technology for In Site Search Engines at the moment are Elastic Search, Solr and Sphinx. Selecting the right In Site Search Engine tool for your application is often a matter of matching your needs and requirements to the extensive functionality of the tools. Tool knowledge and experience with various implementations are important here. The amount, complexity and structure of the data as well as the desired "output" functions determine the final technology choice. Our data specialists will set up your desired data structure based on a technical and functional design. If the technical and commercial principles are clear, the technical implementation will start. When this is done, the commercial establishment follows. In this last phase we will build search and selection results from a number of "use cases". After the commercial setup, the In Site Search Engine is transferred to the client and can apply fine-tuning in practice. Different algorithms can help perfect the results.


Curious how your webshop can realize a better conversion by using an Insite Search Engine?


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