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In Site Search Engines: better customer experience and conversion

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If you have a webshop with a large assortment, it is a challenge to make your products findable for your visitors. Especially if you want to link the findability to reference data, such as in data pools such as TecDoc, GS1, ETIM, DST, IceCat. In addition, it is important that you show the results in the correct order, with relevance for the customer, margin or, for example, stock as a starting point. Large web shops, such as Amazon and AliBaba, have these facilities available. This is not self-evident for smaller companies. This can be completed with an architecture developed by us with Insite Search Engines.

With this solution we can link millions of products to billions of reference rules. This is how we make products discoverable for your customers. The goal is to increase conversion by showing the right products in the right order, linked to a specific search query or selection. Our specialists tailor the technology for In Site Search Engines and navigation tools so that they perform optimally in the web shops involved. We mainly work with Elastic Search as underlying technology. We combine this with smart search results tools that match optimally and improve the customer experience.


How does that work technically and what does it yield for my company?

In Site Search Engines and Navigation Tools (aka Information Retrieval Tools mentioned) offer an effective way to structure, analyze and present data in webshops. You significantly increase the quality of the customer experience if visitors and customers quickly find the desired information, based on their own search terms. Once installed, the In Site Search Engines developed by our experts are immediately ready to index and search large amounts of very different data. They also record relationships between products and reference data. By cleverly combining this technology with the right webshop platform or PIM solution, we realize significant improvements in conversion and customer satisfaction.


In Site Search Engines you help visitors find their way in your webshop. They are 'internal search engines'. The best known and most used In Site Search Engines are Elastic Search, Solr and Sphinx. In order to find the right In Site Search Engine tool for your company, it is important to compare your wishes and requirements with the functionalities offered. Knowledge of the tools and experience with different implementations are a major advantage. The amount, complexity and structure of the data and the desired 'output functions' determine the final technology choice. Our data specialists make a draft of the desired data structure based on a technical and functional design. Once the technical and commercial principles are clear, the technical implementation begins. Once this has been successfully completed, the commercial layout will follow. In this final phase we build from a number of use cases search and selection results. After the commercial setup, we transfer the In Site Search Engine to the client. In practice you can fine-tune the system further. Different algorithms can help perfect the results.

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