Large companies have large budgets for IT and Marketing. This often increases the distance between smaller and large companies. In our opinion, that is not good for the competition field, service and product development. That is why we have a number from the knowledge of hundreds of projects SMEs Ecommerce-IT advice lines developed that are substantively identical to our “Corporate services”. So the same content, but standardized. This allows us to help smaller companies in a fast, efficient and pragmatic way at significantly lower costs. We have therefore developed five recommendations:  Webshops & Dealerportals, Online Marketplaces, Product Information SystemsMarketing Systems and IT Strategy.


Which affordable webshop solution best suits my SME?

Webshop & dealer portal solutions are usually expensive as soon as it deviates from the standard. Fortunately, there are many "unknown" possibilities that we know from our many years of experience. Whether it's B2C, B2B or D2C, we know all the solutions to help your business move forward at a lower cost. A smart solution does not necessarily have to be expensive, as long as you choose the right one. Our SME Ecommerce-IT advice helps! Because cheap is often expensive too!


How can I sell my assortment on online marketplaces with minimal effort?

For many companies it is interesting to sell (internationally) on online marketplaces such as Amazon, BOL, La Redoute, Ebay, Cdiscount, etc. Not only do you need to simply provide information to these platforms, but they are making increasing demands on quality. of product information, prices, stocks, etc. Linking this information from accounting, ERP or WMS is virtually impossible, expensive and inflexible. In addition, success is not yet guaranteed because everything depends on speed and correct prices. Intelligent Marketplace solutions offer help. But here too the layman sees hardly any differences. We do, and help you with the right choice and design through our SME Ecommerce-IT advice.


Is a PIM solution for my company and business case also feasible?

Product Information Management systems (PIM) are a must in today's maintenance, enrichment and sharing of product content. You want your product information to be uniformly communicated by your customers in their web shops, in your own webshop or catalogs, etc. Working with limited information from your ERP or via Exell results in a lot of delay and the chance of errors. A PIM system is necessary to solve this problem. But here too, the price differences and possibilities differ extremely. But which affordable solution is right for your business? Here too the well-known trees and the forest ..... No worries, we offer SME Ecommerce-IT advice!


Is there a Marketing Automation solution that allows us to communicate more efficiently with our customers?

Marketing Automation is a kind of collective word for electronic processes that organize communication in a relevant way by means of customer data. This term includes many different tools including CRM, Customer Data Platforms, Data Management Platforms, Online Personalization solutions, etc. Companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon have been working on enormous customer data systems since the beginning of this century. In order to also benefit from your own customer data and the online behavior in the webshop at relatively low costs, the use of Marketing Automation is essential. But where do you start? What is affordable and what does it mainly deliver? We show you the way!


IT strategy only for large companies? Certainly not! If you as an SME company are not keeping up with technology, you will quickly be overtaken by your competition. Recognizable? Probably. Time for action, but where do you start and how can you ensure that the benefits come before the costs and not the other way around? In recent years, many smart solutions have come onto the market that solve complex IT issues at much lower costs. A sophisticated image of your IT systems is then very important. How does everything work optimally and at the lowest possible cost? We help you with the IT foundation for your future growth.


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