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Ecommerce online marketing without data is like a car
without gasoline!

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Ecommerce online marketing is all about data. The more relevant data is available, the greater the impact of online marketing campaigns. Most companies now use data to set up online marketing campaigns. But by no means all companies apply data optimally in the various ecommerce online marketing processes. Using one type of data, for example open clicks in an email campaign, it only tells one piece of the story. To be relevant, more data from that one prospect or customer must become available. This is also called the 360 degree customer view named. This approach has been proven effective, but it is complex to set up and start campaigns with. That is where our expertise lies: data-driven campaigns, based on the integration of various data sources.


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a crucial element in ecommerce online marketing. The algorithms of search engines such as Google, Bing, Amazon and Apple have many variables on which the position in the search results is determined. Google has  mobile first rolled out, which means that your mobile site has become the leader in indexation. All variables of the algorithm have a different weighting factor. The main thing is that search engines look at the relevance of the content in relation to the search term in order to optimize the user experience of users. In addition, a well-considered application of SEO techniques contributes to your findability in search engines.

Our ecommerce online marketing experts are not 'ordinary' SEO experts, but use SEO characteristics when building content as well as setting up campaigns. By combining SEO with on site and first party data, forms the basis of relevant communication with (potential) customers. As a result, visitors get a better experience and will make a purchase faster. A consistently optimal customer journey and customer experience also promote customer loyalty and customer value.


Google Ads is the best known and applied form of search engine marketing. The more demand for a particular keyword, the more budget you need for your campaign. After all, advertisers are bidding against each other. However, there are several ways to reduce the cost per click. Your 'quality score' is one of them. But in the end it is all about the balance between costs and revenues. Here too, linking multiple data sources is essential to be able to place more relevant advertisements for a higher return. This requires various tools that form the toolbox of the SEA marketer. Our specialists will show you which tools are available and how to successfully integrate them into existing systems. So that SEA remains an effective tool in your ecommerce online marketing strategy.


With which data can I increase the quality and revenue of Display Marketing?

Display marketing is nowadays a catchall term for all visual communication that takes place on all online channels outside your own website or webshop. It has become a collective term for external sites that market your product or service. Examples are price comparison sites, discount code sites, banners on content sites and banners in the search engine network of Google, among others. However, it is important for you as an advertiser that you bring in quality traffic so that it generates as much turnover as possible and strengthens your image and brand. But how do you know which sites you are advertising on and how this pays off? Data is also the answer here. By setting up the right data solutions and linking them with all other data sources, the right picture is created on which you can manage and optimize.


For many people, of all ages and social classes, social media is part of everyday life. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, almost everyone has a profile on one or more community sites. In these communities, participants often reveal a lot of information about themselves. With this information you can quickly and easily find out more about your target group. Once merged with other customer information in a Customer Data System, the so-called 360 degree customer view is created. With every piece of additional data, a customer's profile changes. By updating these customer profiles in real time, you significantly increase the impact of your campaigns. You achieve maximum effectiveness and maintain maximum control with your own data cockpit. Our specialists will be happy to arrange these for you with pleasure and expertise. So that data from social media use also strengthens your ecommerce online marketing campaigns.


Email marketing as part of ecommerce online marketing has had a bad image for some time. This was mainly because large email address files were traded. As a result, many inboxes became full of unsolicited commercial messages, better known as spam. The image has significantly improved again due to deregistration options and subsequent tightening of the regulations (AVG/GDPR). In fact, many retailers' newsletters are now very much appreciated, for example as a replacement for the door-to-door folder or as a supplement with personalized offers. By no means all companies make optimal and efficient use of the wealth of available customer data to create and offer relevant messages and newsletters. Many companies still work according to the one size fits all-method. With the establishment of a Customer Data Platform, don't just register the opens and clicks, but you can link it with any other data available. This will take your ecommerce online marketing and communication to a higher – more personal – level. Good for your customers, good for your business.

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