We believe that Ecommerce and Online Marketing belong together. That is why we have more Online Marketing knowledge for Ecommerce companies. The costs of Ecommerce Online Marketing are rising sharply. The more competition, the higher the costs per visitor. But what if the limits have been reached for your business case? More costs per order are loss-making? There are many options for optimizing and reducing costs. Our experienced interim online marketing experts will help you with this. Always with the guarantee that we find and realize improvements for you. At the same time, we transfer our knowledge to your employees.



The Google search engine algorithm has about 200 variables, of which about ninety are known. Google has now rolled out its “mobile first” strategy, which means that the mobile site has become the leading indexer. All variables of the Algorithm have a different weighting factor. The main thing is that Google primarily looks at the relevance of the website with regard to the search term in order to optimize the user experience of users. Our SEO experts know the way and can quickly make improvements based on our SEO scan. A website that is “idle”, or where little has happened, will decline in position in the organic search results over time. The best SEO strategy is therefore to set up and maintain the website with the user at the center.


Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) is the best known and most widely used form of search engine marketing. The more demand for a particular keyword, the more expensive because advertisers are bidding against each other. However, there are various options for reducing the cost per click. Your "quality score" is one of them. But ultimately it is about the balance between costs and revenues. Many of our customers often allow us to “watch” in width. This allows us to quickly see which Online Marketing agencies deliver real added value. In addition to the use of our own Interim Online Marketing Experts, we like to work with those agencies. Our motto? Results can always be better!


How can I make my customers less annoyed with my Retargeting campaigns?

Because visitors to your website are placed a "cookie" on their PC, you can follow them. This technique makes it possible to confront people leaving your website elsewhere on the internet with a relevant advertisement, which increases the chance that they will still buy from you after leaving your website. This technique is called "retargeting". Usually display advertising offers real-time on a banner position of a website that your visitor then visits. This technique offers many possibilities, but is also increasingly the subject of discussions. More and more often people are annoyed by the ads based on their previous behavior. But what can you do about it? There are several smart ways to improve "relevance", reduce annoyance and improve conversion.


How can I assess the quality of Affiliate Marketing and better align it with my brand & proposition?

Affiliate marketing is an indispensable part of the online mix of resources. It has become a collective term for external sites that promote your product or service. Comparators such as Kieskeurig and Beslist are examples of this, but also discount code sites. However, for you as an advertiser it is important that you bring in quality traffic so that it generates as much turnover as possible. Poor quality Affiliates not only cost money, but can also seriously damage your company image. Our Affiliate Marketing experts work with you to find and optimize the best mix of channels, not only on cost price, but also on quality.

Social Media campaigns

Social Media has become part of the daily life of a large part of the population. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest or Instagram, almost everyone has a profile on one or more community sites. In these communities, people often reveal a lot of information about themselves. This information is important to you so that you can learn more about your (potential) customers. Once merged with other customer information, the so-called 360 degree customer view is created. The more people “follow” your company, the more opportunities it offers you. But how do you get loyal followers and what things do and what not as a company do you do in those communities? Our Social Media experts help you formulate an appropriate strategy, make the right choices and set it up.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has had a bad image for a long time. This was mainly due to the fact that large email address files were traded and that all kinds of commercial messages were sent to the inbox without being asked. The image has improved considerably due to unsubscribe options and later the tightening of the regulations in this area (AVG / GDPR). In fact, the newsletter of many retailers is now highly appreciated as, for example, the replacement of the door-to-door folder or supplemented with personalized offers. Unfortunately, few companies use the mountain of data they have from their customers to send them more relevant messages and most companies still use a “one size fits all” method. Our specialists help you develop a strategy, set up Marketing Automation systems and set up personal and event driven campaigns.


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