8 pros and cons of ChatGPT for ecommerce content production

For decades, AI has been talked about as a technology for the future. Undoubtedly, that future has now arrived, as there are now more [...]

With these 10 tips you improve the effectiveness of the Ecommerce sales funnel

In Ecommerce everything revolves around the effectiveness of your sales funnel. You know: that imaginary funnel, in which potential buyers turn into [...]

The 7 Most Common Ecommerce Bloopers of 2019 and What You Can Do to Eliminate Them in 2020

Ecommerce has winners and losers every year. The threshold to set up a Ecommerce business is low, but the competition is fierce. Everything [...]

Sell more products with up and cross selling

Every online purchase offers opportunities to sell more products. Just before the conversion takes place, a lot happens in the brain of your [...]

Investing in PIM? Independent advice always pays for itself!

Thorough and detailed product information strengthens your competitive position and improves your conversion rate. As your product range increases, you will have to give more professional interpretation to Product Information [...]

What are the arguments for Replatforming?

7 solid arguments for replatforming Your customers' expectations are changing, online shopping behavior is evolving, IT and data techniques are becoming smarter and more sophisticated. And you must [...]

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