8 pros and cons of ChatGPT for ecommerce content production

2023-02-23T15:41:45+01:00Categorieën: B2B, B2C, Business Intelligence, Conversie Optimalisatie, Customer journey, Ecommerce, IT, Kunstmatige intelligentie, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Online Marketing, Personalisation, PIM Product Information Management, Retail, Social Commerce, Strategie|Tags: , , , , , |

For decades, AI has been talked about as a technology for the future. Undoubtedly, that future has now arrived, as there are now more [...]

4 top reasons for customer churn and their solutions

2023-02-22T13:08:51+01:00Categorieën: B2B, B2C, Business Intelligence, Customer journey, Data Driven Ecommerce, Ecommerce, Kunstmatige intelligentie, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Personalisation, Predictive Analytics|Tags: , , |

Customer acquisition is obviously an important part of e-commerce, especially for new businesses. The more new customers a company brings in, the better the turnover. But [...]

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