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How do I optimally use omnichannel Ecommerce for my wholesale?

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For many wholesale companies, the Ecommerce practice mainly consists of linking the order systems of customers. Too bad, because Ecommerce can bring your company so much more. Ecommerce with an 'open' catalog can generate significant additional revenue for more than 80% of all existing wholesale channels. Next EDI, an order dashboard with change options is a welcome addition for your customers. Because the better you serve your customers, the more loyalty you get in return. Wholesalers that are looking for new products and sales channels can also benefit from smart options that Ecommerce offers. Improving your online presence with a catalog not only helps new customers find you, but also new suppliers. And why should an employee of a customer, for example, order in a 'spartan' portal? The possibilities of B2B Ecommerce are endless. Ecommerce Result helps you to optimize your distribution strategy, and choosing and setting up your Ecommerce systems.


How effective and future-proof is my current strategy?

Ecommerce for wholesalers goes much further than linking systems. After all, the wholesale sector is increasingly confronted with international platforms such as Amazon and Alibaba. These platforms are not only active in the field of B2C, but will play an increasingly important role in global B2B distribution. Wholesalers that do not adapt their strategy quickly and drastically to the zeitgeist lose market share. Ecommerce Result has a lot of experience in advising and successfully guiding wholesale companies. Our unique approach provides new perspectives and growth opportunities.


Do Amazon and AliBaba pose a threat or should I work together?

The overwhelming success of new 'distributors' like Amazon and Alibaba seems to be turning the traditional distribution models upside down. The trusted column from manufacturer via distributor to resellers and customers is under pressure. More and more resellers are questioning the added value of the wholesale channel. Resellers are increasingly looking for cheaper suppliers or better service concepts. An adapted distribution strategy helps you to bind customers to your formula and services. And our experts help you formulate and implement these important changes.


Thinking in standard models is sometimes useful, but usually leads to a blockage of innovation. Today's wholesalers are reinventing themselves. Not only providing better order facilities to existing customers, but also combining new purchasing and sales channels is a proven method that results in increased market share, cross-border activities, and customer satisfaction. Ecommerce Result is an expert in developing new distribution models. From strategy via IT and logistics solutions to a completely new collaboration with existing and especially new customers. No combination is too crazy. With our approach you create new opportunities and future sustainable turnover.

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