Whether you are a Retailer, Wholesaler or Brand organization, betting on an Ecommerce Omni-Channel organization has a significant impact. We do not need to explain that making changes to an organization is often difficult. Ideas are often worked out well on paper, but it turns out to work differently in practice. New organizational structure, house salary, functions, roles, tasks and deploying the right people. Designing and setting up a new Ecommerce Omni-Channel organization is a profession in itself.


How does forming a new organizational structure work for my company?

Many theories and approaches are followed for organizing organizations. We believe in clear language that everyone in the organization understands. One of the pillars of our vision on organizational structure is thinking in organizational skills, in English 'capabilities'. Is your organization able to deliver 97% of the orders within 24 hours? If not, what does it take to acquire this ability? Are there scenarios to choose from? What possibilities are there for enablers in the field of IT, expertise and process design? By continuing to focus on the desired skills, tunnel vision is prevented from developing only a required component such as IT.


What areas of attention should we consider when setting up an Ecommerce Omni-Channel organization?

The strategic framework provides the framework for the further design of your Ecommerce Omni-Channel organization. Starting points are mainly the height of the ambitions (smart), the in / outsourcing strategy and the required organizational skills. An organizational design contains at least the following elements:

  • Gap analysis for organizational skills
  • Overview of required IT enablers
  • Impact analysis for organizational functions and processes
  • Gap analysis for required knowledge and expertise
  • Gap analysis for the required corporate culture

Realization Ecommerce Omni-Channel organization

It is advisable to organize your new organization according to a tightly defined roadmap. The roadmap is managed as a program with projects and the correct management at project and program levels. Only by properly establishing and managing the coherence of projects can the result be directed towards your ambition. During the realization we work with a combination of your captains together with our experts. We provide experience desks in Ecommerce Omni-Channel and experienced professionals for project and program management.


Does your company also need a professionally organized organization?


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