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How do I offer my customers the ultimate retail omnichannel experience?

Ecommerce Result helps retailers optimize the Customer Experience. In all channels. The best strategy and solutions for omnichannel retail. From plan to implementation.

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Ecommerce for retailers seems so obvious these days. But looks are deceiving. Many retailers still doubt whether they can get Ecommerce profitable. Rightly so. We have good news for this category of retailers. At Ecommerce Result we have it Smart Retail Commerce Concept developed. Because retail without an omnichannel choice for your customers will no longer be an option in the future. Make sure you don't miss the connection.


What is the best Omni-Channel strategy for my Retail company?

To make Ecommerce profitable for retailers, a sophisticated strategy is necessary. In this strategy, all parts of the retail and Ecommerce process are aligned. We often see that simply copying retail to a Ecommerce formula does not work or is very inefficient. That's why our experts developed it Smart Retail Commerce Concept.  This groundbreaking concept is available to all retailers and online omnichannel players who want to grow, retain more customers and generate more sales.


What do I need for a profitable omnichannel retail?

The power of us Smart Retail Commerce Concept is that you can put together the right individual elements to measure. Tailored to your business needs and optimally scalable. The elements that make up the concept include Pricing, Volume, Channels, Order Pick & Logistics Optimization, Marketing Automation and Smart IT Investments. The right combination of and coherence between the individual elements, optimally aligned with your omnichannel retail strategy, ensures a successful and profitable business case.


Thinking in standard models sometimes makes sense. But more often existing frameworks stand in the way of innovation. A good example of an innovative business case versus a standard model in FMCG Retail is picnic.  This online food retailer sees itself first and foremost as an innovative logistics service provider and approaches all aspects of the business model and all steps to be taken from that starting point. Starting with a relatively low turnover, compared to, for example,, Picnic manages to conquer market share every year and to respond adequately to market developments. A question of daring and thinking outside the box. From that basis, our advisors also work with you as business partners. Knowledge of industries, companies and Ecommerce technology is our capital. We are happy to use this to provide you with the best solutions for an innovative and profitable approach to your omnichannel Ecommerce activities.

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