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Need an IT sounding board or innovation accelerator? CTO as a Service

We keep your organization sharp with relevant innovations.
The IT knowledge, not the costs!

Sparring directly with experts, without obligations!


Innovation is crucial for any organization. But how do you keep the knowledge in your organization up to date when it comes to rapidly changing IT solutions? Your IT and marketing team is too busy to keep an eye on global developments day in and day out. Wouldn't it be great if the required knowledge was just always available to your company? Without the cost of a permanent employee? That's why Ecommerce Result of the service: CTO as a Service. The knowledge, not the costs.

A lot is changing in the field of Ecommerce. Technology is getting smarter, but increasingly complex. When we talk about Ecommerce and Marketing solutions, there are now already more than 7000! various options offered worldwide. Parties such as Amazon and Alibaba dominate the market with the very latest technology 'on board'. Not so surprising, because they are working on improving and making their IT solutions smarter on a daily basis. It's for a IT or marketing manager it is impossible to map all new tools on a daily basis, to identify trends, and to separate sense from nonsense. Ecommerce Result has an efficient and effective solution for this: the Chief Technology Officer on call. This way you get all the knowledge for free. You only pay for the refresher sessions.


Who helps our organization keep IT and innovation knowledge up-to-date?

Virtually every company is working on innovation: Ecommerce, Marketing Automation, Customer Journey Optimization, Apps, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, and so on. For many organizations it is impossible to keep the required knowledge up-to-date. After all, all managers involved are busy every day with their daily work. From our activities with (new) customers we often hear that extra IT knowledge is very welcome. In order to be able to help even more companies in an accessible way, we have developed the Chief Technology Officer as a Service invented. This gives you access to the knowledge of a highly experienced IT specialist. Without the high fixed costs. Your on-call CTO knows the IT challenges of Ecommerce and knows what's for sale. Depending on your wishes, we will update you on a monthly, quarterly or half-yearly basis about the relevant developments in the field of Ecommerce technology.


Very simple. As a subscription or on demand. We will visit you without obligation for an innovation scan. We make a short report of all relevant matters with a roadmap of projects. For each project, we make an inventory of which knowledge you have and which you lack. You can purchase the required additional expertise from us at a pre-agreed hourly or daily rate. From that moment on, our interim CTO is available to you as a permanent contact. To add knowledge, to provide support as a sounding board, or as a project or program manager. You only pay for what you purchase: no fixed contracts or hidden costs. And because Ecommerce Result is independent of suppliers, our advice is honest and always aimed at the highest possible ROI. Innovation can be that simple when you partner with Ecommerce Result.

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Do you recognize this?

  • You miss the total picture of possible improvements in your Ecommerce & Marketing systems

  • You don't have enough people or knowledge available in your own organization

  • Software suppliers like to sell, but who do you believe?

  • You are looking for advice and people you can really trust

  • Your ROI on marketing campaigns drops

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