CTO as a Service

CTO as a Service

Innovation is becoming increasingly important for every organization. But how does your organization maintain its knowledge in the field of rapidly changing IT solutions? Your IT manager or Marketing manager also has no time to keep an eye on the IT world every day. Wouldn't it be great if that knowledge was always available to your company, but without the investment in a permanent employee! That is why Ecommerce Result now offers a new service: CTO as a Service! The knowledge, not the costs!

A lot is changing in the field of Ecommerce. Technology is getting smarter, but increasingly complex. When we talk about Ecommerce & Marketing solutions, there are now already more than 7000! various options offered worldwide. Parties such as Amazon and Alibaba are advancing with the very latest technology “on board”. Not so surprising because they are working on improving their IT solutions on a daily basis. It is for one IT or marketing manager impossible to follow all the news about new tools every day. That's why Ecommerce Result has started a great service: A Chief Technology on demand. All the knowledge in house, but only the costs when there is "catching up".


Who can help our organization keep its IT and Innovation knowledge up to date?

Almost every company is engaged in innovation: Ecommerce, Marketing Automation, Customer Journey optimization, Apps, Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and so on. It is impossible for many organizations to keep that knowledge up to date. After all, all managers involved are busy with their daily activities every day. From our activities with (new) customers, we often hear that extra IT knowledge is very welcome. In order to help even more companies in an accessible way, we have developed the "Chief Technology as a Service" service. An IT specialist without the high fixed costs. He or she knows all about the IT challenges in your company and your industry. Depending on your wishes, we will update you monthly, quarterly or half a year about the developments in the field of Ecommerce Technology.

How does the CTO as a Service work?

Very simple! As a subscription or on demand. We will visit you without obligation for an innovation scan. We make a short report of all relevant matters with a roadmap of projects. For each project we determine together with you which knowledge you have in-house and which you miss. You can purchase the knowledge you are missing from us for a pre-agreed hourly or daily rate. Our Interim CTO is available to you from then on. You have continuous contact with him or her. He or she adds knowledge, acts as a sounding board or, if necessary, as a Project or Program manager. You only pay for what you purchase: no permanent contracts or hidden costs. And because Ecommerce Result is independent of suppliers, our advice is honest and always aimed at the highest possible ROI. Innovation can be that simple when you work with Ecommerce Result!

Do you also want to hire a part-time CTO or even spar about a collaboration?

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