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How do I transform data into KPIs and management information?

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In the current digital economy, everything revolves around computerization and data and therefore also about Business Intelligence (BI). Every organization systematically and structurally collects and analyzes data to quickly provide high-quality and fact-based to make decisions. The increasing importance and use of information leads to new developments that have a major impact on your business. If you respond well to this, smarter, faster and more efficient than your competitors, you will gain an important lead. In order to be able to properly apply information, it is necessary to Big Data  using a Business Intelligence solution before hand. But a Business Intelligence solution alone is not enough.

To choose the right data solution, you first need a good idea of what you want to achieve with the analysis and use of data. It is essential to map all data touch points. In addition, it is important to know which data really add value, and which are just ballast. The implementation of a company-wide data scan is a first requirement for this. The scan provides insight and ensures that you can then choose the right systems and applications. There are many BI data systems available and the key question is which system and which functionalities seamlessly match the needs of your business. Will it be a traditional BI solution, or a more commercial one? Ecommerce targeted solution such as a Customer Data Platform with built-in BI analysis tools? A good selection starts with good preparation. Our experts are happy to assist you.


Navigating the Big Data Forest

Business Data Intelligence is a collection of methods and techniques that have been developed to combat 'data overload'. It is a collective term to describe a combination of architectures, applications, databases and processes. Business Data Intelligence systems enable real-time, interactive access, analysis, and editing of data. They also provide valuable information that can be acted upon. Traditional systems analyze historical data – information from transactions or other business processes – and support the business by revealing relevant connections, trends and patterns in the business process. These insights enable decision makers to make better decisions (fact-based), and end users have access to reliable business information about customers, suppliers and partners. With this information and insights you can respond faster and more effectively to changes in the market.


Pay special attention to the pitfalls!

We often forget that information is only useful if the organization can apply it and actually integrate it into the business process. The biggest challenge for companies that apply Business and Data Intelligence, therefore, lies not so much in the correct use of the tools and techniques, but in the correct design of intelligent data systems in the organization. Another pitfall has to do with the type of data that companies use and the type of analysis that is applied to it. Traditionally, companies use data from the past to discover trends and patterns. We look back, as it were, to determine how we run the company. As long as the road is straight, you'll be fine. But we live in a time full of dynamism. Change is the only certainty, there are no guarantees on the sustainability of hypes, trends, customer behavior and market and product developments. The current business climate calls for foresight and agile acting. Forcasting and analysis deserve at least as important a place in your business operations as a stable financial management. Make serious work of it in time predictive analytics.


The developments in the field of BI, Data Intelligence and Analytics are moving faster than ever. Customers demand an increasingly higher quality of service. Personalization is key in the customer journey and customer experience. Suppliers of business solutions cannot escape this either. Systems that only report or provide insight via dashboards from historical data have been falling short for a long time. With the expertise of Ecommerce Result, you increase the chance that your investment in Business Intelligence systems will actually deliver the results you expect. We also ensure that you can optimally integrate them into your primary processes. If desired, we can make an independent scan of the performance of your current Business Intelligence tools and services. We offer all the support you need during the important transition of reporting and analytics based on what used to be to predictions that show what comes. Only then will your business continue future proof† Of predictive analytics you control the future and success.

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