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A successful Ecommerce project mainly depends on good project management or program management. An experienced Ecommerce project manager or program manager is therefore a must. Someone who has proven himself in similar projects and who is able to adapt his working method and methodology to the organization and the project in question. EcommerceResult offers interim Ecommerce project management and program management experts. Through their years of experience and in-depth Ecommerce knowledge, they make your Ecommerce project succeed.


Why should I hire a specialized Ecommerce Project Manager for my Ecommerce IT project?

Ecommerce projects are often extensive and complex. Usually, various disciplines in the organization (IT, marketing, sales & operations) work on this and various external suppliers have to be managed. The people from their own organization all too often have to carry out the project in addition to their normal work, which does not make things any easier. A multitude of technologies, tools, applications and interfaces are in scope. And while the time pressure is high, management expects everything to be delivered according to plan, within time and budget and with full scope. That is why an experienced Ecommerce project manager is needed! He or she can protect your organization from important pitfalls. An experienced Ecommerce project manager will help you execute the project in a controlled manner, so you will not be faced with any surprises. Risks are made transparent and managed during the project. The methodologies we apply in Ecommerce projects have proven to help. Our Ecommerce project managers know how to apply these methods in a pragmatic and customized way. After all, every organization and project is different.


How can I keep an overview of all the different projects within my organization?

Ecommerce projects often lead to other projects. For example, replacement of applications in the Back Office, CRM, BI or Customer Support system. In addition, Ecommerce projects often lead to organizational changes. Because Ecommerce and Omni-Channel transcends the boundaries between traditional departments, it leads to new teams and other forms of collaboration. People, processes and governance must change with the project in order to realize the result of the project. If there are several projects and any related organizational changes, it is desirable to implement and manage these in conjunction. We do not call this Ecommerce project management but program management: All relevant projects, both technical and organizational, are managed together by an Ecommerce program manager. Our interim Ecommerce program management experts ensure the success of your digital transformation. Experience with Ecommerce program management is a must to be able to do this successfully.


Another option to increase the success rate of your Ecommerce or Omni-Channel program or project is to take advantage of the Ecommerce coaching option. A coach is usually deployed to protect their own (internal) Ecommerce project manager from mistakes, to advise and where necessary to roll up their sleeves. For larger projects or programs, someone who acts as a sounding board is more likely to be used. A sounding board often operates at steering group level and brings his experience there to monitor activities closely, identify risks in good time and advise on how the project or program can be adjusted. Coaching and sounding boards can generally be done with a modest effort (one or several days a week) during the duration of the project. This way you will get the experience on board and the costs will remain manageable.

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