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There is a big difference between communication with existing and potential customers. Bringing in potential customers costs the most, but retaining existing customers is no easy task either. For example, one can use one for relevant communication with potential customers Data Management Platform DMP  Read all about DMPs on this one page. Other effective solutions are now available for retaining existing customers. In the past, one often spoke of "BIG DATA" or of a "Data Warehouse". Today, these kinds of solutions are called a Customer Data Platform CDP.

The term Customer Data Platform CDP has not been around very long, but is in fact a universal name for solutions that capture customer profiles. Once a customer has bought something from the company, he gets a nice spot in this database. Over time, the data is then 'enriched' with all kinds of relevant data. This data can then be used to get to know the customer better and to approach him/her with appropriate products and/or services.

But why are there now more than 200 different Customer Data Platform solutions available? We are happy to explain that to you.


What exactly is a CDP?

A CDP is in some areas equivalent to a DMP (data management platform). Where a DMP mainly collects anonymous data, a Customer Data Platform creates a complete profile of existing individual customers. It makes use of all available resources. Website behavior as well as contact with customer service, purchase history and email conversations are brought together. The more information that can be collected, the better and above all more relevant the communication can proceed.


How can a CDP add value to my sales organization?

A Customer Data Platform stores all known customer information that can be added in the customer lifecycle. When a perfect picture of customers emerges, they can be divided into groups (segments) with the same basic characteristics. Segments of customers can then be approached with personalised content on the website, but targeted mailings or online campaigns can also be designed based on these characteristics. When, for example, a mother buys baby clothes at the birth of her child and she indicates that it is a boy or a girl, then, based on age progression, the mother can be provided with offers that match the stage and age of the child. More relevant offers will increase conversions and customer satisfaction. And this is just a simple example. The possibilities with a well-designed CDP are endless.


The benefits of a Customer Data Platform are great. Simply put, a CDP is a must for any company with a customer-focused sales strategy. The more we know about a customer, the better the communication and the more will be sold at a lower CPS (cost per sale) And if you think that a Customer Data Platform is only for online companies, we must disappoint you. Every company communicates in some way with its customers. Even if you only speak to customers by telephone, a CDP can be a very welcome addition, because the person on the phone has all the information of that one customer directly on the screen, for example linked to the telephone number. This saves time and gives the caller a very good and professional feeling from her supplier. Once the Customer Data Platform has been set up, you will enter into a dialogue with your customer and your turnover will increase.

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