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What is the added value of a CDP expert or Customer Data Platform expert from Ecommerce Result? Our professionals know the offer and the Ecommerce practice. A CDP expert from our team will make a thorough analysis of your wishes and processes and help you make a selection. That is of great significance for the growth of your business. Because a Customer Data Platform, or CDP or CXP for short, is the future for targeted and relevant communication to existing and new customers. Whether customers receive your newsletter, visit your website or interact with your client service employees, a CDP captures, combines data and builds smart customer profiles. But a CDP system is relatively complex. The selection process and implementation require independent expertise. And that is exactly what a CDP expert from Ecommerce Result signs for.


You can deploy a CDP expert from Ecommerce Result in different roles within your company. This can be at a strategic level, but also at a tactical level, with support for the selection process if you are not yet using a Customer Data Platform or are looking for a new system. In addition, a Customer Data Platform expert from Ecommerce Result offers executive support in setting up customer segments, campaigns and smart extra functionalities such as linking call centers, chatbots and more. With a Customer Data Platform expert from Ecommerce Result, results are assured. You improve the customer experience and increase conversion.


A CDP expert from Ecommerce Result is a jack of all trades in Digital Marketing, Customer Experience Optimization and Marketing Automation. Through years of experience, our experts quickly identify problems and risks and come up with pragmatic solutions. They know the market for Customer Data Platform solutions like no other and are at home in the world of Ecommerce and IT. This sum ensures fast results in all processes in which customer data is leading. Complete and reliable customer profiles form the basis for (online) success.

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