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A workshop is a proven method for quickly solving a problem with a small team. That is why Ecommerce Result uses this method often and with great success. Participants in our workshops experience these as interactive, so that the input from the group is of high quality. Every workshop that we put together and carry out touches the core of specific issues that are urgent for your organization. Examples are workshops on the subject of Omnichannel Distribution Strategy, Ecommerce Platforms, PIM/DAM/MDM systems, CRM & Marketing Automation and Organizational Change.


The workshop Distribution Strategy is usually attended by the Sales & Marketing Management of wholesalers and outlets of brands and manufacturers. In this workshop we will discuss the product portfolio, the developments in the (international) markets, the weaknesses and strengths of the positioning, and opportunities and threats in the current and future distribution landscape. Cross-border, platforms, diversification and Direct 2 Consumer are among the many topics covered. This workshop often provides new insights that lead to new products, services and markets.


Our Ecommerce (re)Platformen workshop is suitable for both IT management and Ecommerce/Sales/Marketing management. We offer two main versions, the New Platform and the Re-Platform workshop. The New Platform The workshop goes deeper into all the possibilities of a modern Ecommerce platform and is usually given for companies that have set up a Ecommerce platform a long time ago or never before. Our Re-Platform workshop helps companies on their way that want to replace their existing B2C or B2B webshop. In this workshop we mainly pay attention to functionalities in a new platform that should solve the shortcomings of the current platform. In addition, we zoom in on additional (marketing) functionalities, ease of use, maintenance, costs, hosting, and other elements.


Which PIM System do I need for my Product Data, Marketing and Sales department?

The workshop PIM/DAM systems focuses on a specific group. Because PIM/DAM affects purchasing, product management, marketing, (online) sales and IT, this workshop is often a basis for good discussions. The workshop often acts as a catalyst for changes in the commercial departments. This is because a PIM/DAM system is not only a database in itself, but also often adds workflows. This forces companies and teams to think about working methods, rights and roles. A PIM system is the new 'commercial heart' of the IT infrastructure and it is therefore important to make a well-considered choice for the right solution. In this workshop we will cover topics such as data standardization, enrichment in workflows, multilingualism and translation management, setting up channels, and much more. The business case for investing in a PIM system is also extensively discussed. After this workshop it will be clear which type of PIM system suits your organization.


How can a CRM or Marketing Automation System reduce my marketing costs and improve the quality of communication?

The CRM & Marketing Automation workshop is primarily aimed at the Marketing & Sales teams of companies. This workshop is largely about mapping the current sales processes and possible improvements. The creation of a vision and strategy is especially central. Using the 360-degree customer view and the Customer Journey model, it should become clear who the customer is, how they behave and how you approach and retain customers in a relevant way. from a Customer Centric Design, then pass all possibilities. This workshop therefore contains strategic, tactical and IT related topics. The workshop is available in both B2B and B2C versions because the approach for these two markets is quite different. After this workshop, it will be clear what the added value of CRM & Marketing Automation can mean for your company and what it takes.


Our workshop Organizational change contributes to knowledge, support and enthusiasm. The angle of our workshop, usually conducted for the management team or the board, differs per company. After all, the needs are not always the same. For example, we can put together a workshop based on an 'emergency situation' that arises after changes within a company or the market. But usually companies use this knowledge session to prevent problems. For example, if employees are not sure of their job due to all the changes during a digital transformation, which can lead to resistance or even sabotage. During a transformation process it is essential to 'get along' with all employees in a company in important changes. By showing and helping us think about possibilities, we turn threats into opportunities, also between the ears of employees. Our workshop makes clear why a digital transformation is necessary, what the impact is on the organization, and what new opportunities there are. As a result, managers and employees cope better with the changes.

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