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Most companies with a customer database nowadays send an e-mail newsletter. All too often it's one and the same email newsletter to all addressees. Do you ever wonder why all your customers receive the same information even though they have different interests and preferences? And how can you improve that? A well-designed Marketing Automation environment, linked to a Customer Relations Management system (CRM) offers a solution. Especially if you know that email is the basis of most companies online marketing activities. That is not surprising, because e-mail is cost-effective and very effective when used in the right way. But the latter is precisely the problem. The use of email marketing only becomes really effective if you take customer segmentation and personalization seriously.

Setting up a professional customer database is crucial for customer segmentation and personalization. A good database is by definition not a webshop, e-mail, client or ERP system. Personalization only has real effect if you can capture sufficient customer characteristics. This concerns, for example, age, gender, children, purchase history, click behavior in an email, surfing behavior on your website, and much more. The more you know about a customer, the better you can 'steer' a customer. Your customers can then be divided into customer groups. Such a customer group with similar characteristics is also called a audience named. You can create personalized content based on specific characteristics and behaviors per audience. For example, an e-mail to customers who have bought for more than € 300 in the past year, but not in the past three months. This way you effectively draw attention to your brand again and encourage customers to make follow-up purchases. Cherish existing and valuable customers in this way and you will see your business grow.


How does Marketing Automation work in my organization?

There are two buyer categories that are interesting for your company, namely existing customers and potential customers. For most companies, the group of potential customers is the largest and often receives the most attention. Acquiring new customers, however, costs more money than retaining existing customers. That is why investing in customer retention is very profitable. This is where Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM) comes in. Based on the vision behind this, the main focus is on the potential value that a customer represents for your company and the degree of 'attention' that fits and yields the desired return.

Capturing data from potential customers – prospects or leads – is still often done in traditional CRM systems or customer databases. Efficient workflows have been built in many CRM systems, which automatically initiate follow-up actions whenever there is contact with a potential customer. But what exactly is the definition of 'customer contact'? Currently, CRM systems are mainly used in B2B companies. Marketing Automation systems, on the other hand, are on the rise for generating B2C campaigns. But where is the difference now?


When all information about a customer is bundled in one solution, we quickly call it a CRM system. But in addition to offline customer behavior and historical information about purchases, today much more information from digital channels can be captured and linked. You can think of opening and clicking in an e-mail newsletter, search and click behavior on your website/webshop and activities on social media. When you bring all that information together in one system, in combination with software and tools to automatically generate marketing actions, we call this Marketing Automation. The art of good Marketing Campaign Automation is to create a so-called '360 degree customer view', from which relevant information and/or action follows.

In every step that (potential) customers take during the customer journey, they receive relevant information and offers. And with every action, the customer himself adds valuable data to his customer view. A well-designed Marketing Automation workflow follows the customer and satisfies the desired transaction. This principle is universal. But Marketing Automation works most powerfully and delivers the most with a business- and industry-specific application. Based on appealing best practices let our specialists see what results you can achieve.


To arrive at the ultimate personalized Marketing Campaign Automation, you take a number of important steps. It is not only essential to set up systems and processes, but the organization as a whole must also be willing and able to focus on one-to-one communication. The foundation is laid by collecting all customer information in one customer database, preferably a Customer Data Platform or CDP. In this CDP, aservices made of potential) customers that have many similarities – the so-called customer segments. Based on this, you can optimize the customer journey with appropriate, personalized campaigns. Our motto? Take small, clear steps, experiment, evaluate, and take the next step. Each phase in the Marketing Automation process requires attention, time and, above all, a lot of testing. A natural cycle of testing and adjustment quickly develops. And the tangible results will inspire your Marketing Automation team to keep raising the bar. The first step to results? Get advice from the experts at Ecommerce result.

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