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Is my current IT suitable for international Ecommerce?

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Many organizations have complex over the years architecture of IT systems built up. Systems for all kinds of functions have often been replaced several times. New systems are usually linked to old systems with new technology. This often creates a fragile whole. The interfaces are often rickety, which leads to systems that are no longer 'in sync' with today's transaction volumes. In daily business operations this leads to all kinds of practical problems that lead to high costs and loss of customers. In an International Omni-Channel Ecommerce environment, there are usually links with various partners and suppliers and this is even more important! After all, incorrect data is linked to (international) webshops and external parties. This has a major impact on your performance and appearance in the outside world. The right Ecommerce IT architecture is therefore essential for future international growth and return.


What choices do I have to make to have a flexible IT Architecture?

Ecommerce IT architecture has many faces and is sometimes made more complicated by architects than necessary. We favor a pragmatic approach, focusing primarily on the enterprise application architecture (which applications are essential for the ecommerce / omni-channel process and how are these applications optimally linked to other applications) and on the technical architecture (which choices must be made) you to make your servers and network function optimally).


What problems can I solve through a smart IT Architecture?

The Ecommerce IT architecture is almost always made too complex. Even the best ecommerce players in the market have to deal with:

  • Older versions of enterprise applications that are difficult to upgrade due to customization and complex links with other systems.
  • Selected technology standards are no longer maintained. Unnecessarily many differences arise in used hardware, operating systems, databases, programming languages, development frameworks, and so on.

These technical problems affect business operations in several ways:

  • Applications go out of sync. Customer data, stocks or financial data will vary per system. Webshops show a stock that is not there, the payment of the customer is not known in the accounts, the customer support system does not recognize the customer.
  • It takes more and more money and effort to keep the system working and fix errors that occur.
  • Developing new possibilities that make a difference for your customer is difficult and time consuming. The turnaround time for software development is too long.


Ultimately, the Ecommerce IT architecture should not slow down the implementation of your ecommerce / omni-channel strategy, but rather optimally support it. Business agility requires an agile ecommerce IT architecture in an ecommerce / omni-channel organization. This is an IT architecture that is optimally tailored to change. This can be achieved by making clear choices (choosing technology standards and choosing the right applications) and translating these into an architectural vision. This vision serves as a guideline for future developments and usually leads directly to several projects to solve the main bottlenecks.


Drawing up a Ecommerce IT architecture vision is only possible when all Ecommerce specific tools have been identified. In addition to Enterprise Applications, Ecommerce applications offer a wide range of possibilities. In terms of knowledge, this is no longer possible for almost all CTOs. Our consultants can help you by assessing your current IT architecture and drawing up a new Ecommerce IT architecture vision. We will also be happy to assist you with the selection of new tools and the implementation of changes.

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