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How do I improve the customer experience with content marketing?

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Content marketing is the marketing technique that ensures that you generate more web traffic with relevant articles and information – the content. Sounds simple, but is quite complicated. If only because content marketing comes in a wide variety of formats, such as news, video, blogs, articles, white papers, E-books, infographics, case studies, reviews, guides, photos, and much more. The purpose of content marketing is twofold. On the one hand, relevant content results in better findability and more traffic. On the other hand, valuable, preferably personalized content contributes strongly to the quality of the customer journey. Your investment in content creation typically translates into a higher SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization† Your site is easier to find for your target group, because Google's indexing looks at combinations of content and context. The more relevant the content is for the entered search term, the higher a webpage will be in the ranking. What is good for the searcher is also good for the search engine.

In short, both search engines and people love relevant content around your company, products or services. The better and more personally you inform prospects and customers about your brand values and services, the greater the chance of trust, successful transactions and follow-up sales. Moreover, good content influences surfing and searching behavior on your website, which can provide valuable information about the preferences of your customers and their buying intentions. If you store this customer data in a Customer Data Platform you build up a unique source of information that helps you to serve leads and customers with personal content and offers, for example by applying filters. In short, creating relevant content always pays off.


What do I need to implement a good content strategy?

Content marketing starts with a good strategy. To do that, you need content marketers and effective tools. Your most important toolkit is a smart content management system, preferably linked to a Generative AI and measurement tools that record the behavior of your visitors and the performance of your website. Build customer profiles with the collected customer information – customer data – that you use to personalize your website or webshop. Analysis tools and test processes provide insight into the impact of specific content on purchase intentions and conversion. Permanently optimizing your content always ensures better results.


An important tool in content marketing is a content automation solution. This allows you to set up a system that processes the creation with, for example, Generative AI such as ChatGPT and distribution of content efficient, manageable and smart. Content automation was looking for relevant content to be automatically updated based on predefined protocols and workflows. In this way, multiple content marketers can collaborate on the production of different content components and complete communication structures. Thanks to a good workflow and optimal collaboration options, content is created faster, more accurately and at less cost. In addition, your content is better aligned with the preferences of prospects and customers and the phase in the customer journey.

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