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Customer value development or Customer Lifetime Value management is essential for every company. After all, acquiring new customers costs more than retaining existing customers. But how loyal are your customers? When and why do they regularly buy from your competitor? The most effective way to gain better insight into the Customer Lifetime Value is to monitor the customer journey. This allows you to predict which customers should be approached how and at what time and when they buy. But what if your customer data is locked up in all kinds of data silos? How do you get more sales from individual customers if you don't know them well enough?

To create a 360-degree customer view, it is necessary to accommodate all customer data in one system. This allows you to optimally analyze and segment the data. Once purchase and behavioral data has been collected over a longer period, it is possible to use smart AI and deep learningtechnology in a smart CDP system build a so-called RFM matrix (Recency, Frequency, Monetary). This matrix helps you identify your most valuable customers. This insight allows you to better focus on potential customers and save unnecessary costs.


What can I do to increase customer value?

Identifying leads and transforming leads into customers takes a lot of effort. Then you invest time and money in building the customer relationship. Once a customer is convinced of the unique selling points of your company or brand, customer retention is much less expensive. But how do you actually get more value out of a customer who has already bought items or services from you a few times? Customer value optimization is a combination of strategy, culture, systems and data analysis. Gaining insight into the customer journey is the basis of Customer Lifecycle Management. The more customers experience your company, product or service as relevant, the better you are able to influence their behavior.


How does customer value optimization work in my company?

Good and targeted marketing communication is essential for customer value optimization. In addition to one-on-one communication with customers, data analysis of purchasing behavior and surfing behavior is of great importance. By collecting and analyzing customer data, you build a so-called 360-degree customer profile. If it is known what drives the search and decision-making behavior of customers, you can respond to this with appropriate marketing communication campaigns. Via the right channels, at the right time and with personalized content. The greater the relevance and the better the timing, the greater the conversion on your marketing and communication budget. In addition, your messages and offers are not regarded as undesirable but as a value-enhancing service. This seems simple, but in practice there is a lot to consider, both on an IT and organizational level. This requires specific knowledge and experience. Let yourself be advised and guided by the experts of Ecommerce result.


Once the basic conditions for customer value optimization and customer lifecycle management have been completed, the next step is to predict the behavior of your customers. You can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning solutions for this. With AI-driven Predictive Analytics -technology, you can predict what your customers will buy and even when and where they will buy. In this way you prevent 'no sales', increase the service level and improve the customer experience. In addition, you ensure a better stock position, which positively influences your cash flow. In summary: you create more customer value and lower operational costs.

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