Are these questions familiar to you? Do the Ecommerce IT choices made fit our business case? Is your business strategy supported by your IT Strategy? Is that crucial Ecommerce IT project well executed? Are the principles and required functionalities well described so that no mistakes are made? Is that project planning feasible and what risks does this entail? Why is the project budget exceeded? And so a whole series of questions that you may want answered? Then it might make sense to start a Second Opinion or Project Recovery process. This gives you insight, limits your costs and helps you achieve your project objectives.


How important is Ecommerce Technology to achieve my goals?

Determining the right Ecommerce or Omni-Channel Strategy is not easy. However, realizing that strategy is even more difficult. It all sounds very feasible on paper and in presentations, but that is often disappointing in practice. Too often IT and Technology are put central and it is forgotten that the organization itself must also change in order to successfully implement the strategy. The implementation projects themselves are often larger than expected because the scope is expanded during the project. They also often take longer, so your business cannot move forward and the costs get out of hand. The feeling arises that the project is no longer under control. Something went wrong in the preparation, but you can't pinpoint where the problem is.


How can I assess whether our projects are still on the right track to achieve our Ecommerce goals?

If you are wondering if you are still on the right track with your Ecommerce or Omni-Channel Strategy, or if you have made the right choices with your Ecommerce IT strategy, a second opinion can offer a solution. Based on existing documentation and interviews with those involved, we quickly discover whether your projects and the business are "aligned". Because of the many projects that we have reviewed, we know almost all the pitfalls so that we recognize them quickly. Questions are also answered that you may not have asked for, but that immediately gives you a complete picture. With our analysis you will know whether you can continue on the chosen path and where you need to make changes to get the projects under control.

Ecommerce IT project recovery

A good project delivers a good result within time and budget. Not all projects go well and certainly IT-related projects often go wrong. If a project takes too long or costs more and more money, it is time to intervene. We can help you with project recovery. After a short, intensive analysis of your situation, we start working on creating stability and clarity. We check whether the objectives are clear and whether there is sufficient support within the organization. We bring internal and external parties together and can provide solutions for both substantive issues (technical or business-related) and organizational issues (management, project management and process-related). Where necessary, we intervene or enable you to intervene. We bring the project under control and help you complete the project successfully.


Curious about how we can make your Ecommerce project or Strategy succeed?


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