In addition to matters of an organizational nature, IT projects are the major stumbling block in the transformation from single channel to Omni-Channel distribution. Because the impact of Ecommerce Omni-Channel IT projects is not only about systems and processes, but also about people and their role in the changed organization, these types of IT projects often do not run smoothly. Due to our broad view of your organization, we ensure a successful implementation of the processes and systems you have chosen within time and budget. We have in-house expertise for Ecommerce IT strategy, PIM / DAM systems, Ecommerce platforms, CRM & Marketing Automation systems, DMP & CDP customer data systems and Recommendation & Search Systems. Our experts all have their own expertise. So if you are looking for a real expert, you will also get someone who really knows everything about that specific IT component. Guaranteed!


As a seasoned Ecommerce IT consultancy we understand that you would rather go live with your new Ecommerce solution tomorrow than in six months. But because we have done many successful projects for our customers, we know better than anyone how important a well-defined IT strategy is. Without this “blueprint”, these projects often unnecessarily result in time and budget. With our approach, we ensure that you do not make unnecessary investments or investments that do not fit your business case. We help you with this responsible start.


Which Ecommerce solution best suits my company, industry and business case?

A modern ecommerce platform consists of many different components. The composition is different for every company. It depends very much on the type of company, retail, wholesaler or manufacturer / brand, and the stage your company is in. As a starter you have different needs than a company that wants to set up a complete Ecommerce 3.0 platform. There are many options that can often be combined “best of breed”. However, an integrated solution can lead to significantly lower operating costs. We test your needs and come up with smart solutions.


What Marketing Systems do I need to bind my existing and future customers to my company?

Combining online and offline so that customers do not notice a difference between the different channels is the ultimate Omni-Channel Distribution. All consumer movements and behaviors are measurable. The data generated by this can be stored in a DMP or CDP. From that moment on, the data is accessible for optimal service to your customers through smart marketing solutions. Our approach is to achieve more turnover, profit and customer satisfaction from your data. Our Marketing Solution Experts know all solutions and their advantages and disadvantages. They map your needs and help you with the right choice, but also with setting up Marketing Automation processes or CRM campaigns.

Shop (POS) systems

If your Omni-Channel Distribution also contains physical (own or not) stores, there are various options to optimize the customer experience. In addition, you can take advantage of customers who spend significantly more with your company or brand through smart loyalty solutions. Good Omni-Channel processes in combination with POS Display systems and Online POS solutions at physical locations, also increase turnover. In addition, your costs can be reduced by linking smart customer analysis solutions to your stores. We know all smart Omni-Channel solutions and are happy to show you how to use them successfully for your organization.

Do you also want to complete an Ecommerce IT project within time and budget?


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