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Success factors for Ecommerce omnichannel IT projects

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Besides organizational factors, IT projects are often the stumbling block for the transformation from single to omnichannel distribution. Because the impact of Ecommerce omnichannel IT projects not only affect systems and processes, but also people and their role in the changed organization. As a result, these types of projects often do not run smoothly. From a broad view of the total organization, Ecommerce Result ensures the successful implementation of selected technologies, tools and systems. Within schedule and budget. We have the expertise in house for Ecommerce IT strategy, PIM/DAM systems, Ecommerce platforms, CRM and Marketing Automation systems, DMP & CDP customer data systems and Recommendation & Search Systems. Our professionals all have their own expertise. Are you looking for a passionate expert who listens to you and guides your Ecommerce omnichannel IT projects smoothly? We are ready for you.


As an experienced and versatile Ecommerce IT consultancy, we understand that you would rather go live with your new Ecommerce solution tomorrow than in six months. But having already completed many successful projects for a variety of customers – for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers – we know better than anyone how important a well-defined IT strategy is. Without this 'blueprint', Ecommerce omnichannel IT projects almost always end up unnecessarily in time and costs. With our approach we avoid unnecessary investments and you are not forced to find solutions that do not fit your business case. With us you can count on a responsible start.


Which Ecommerce solution best suits my company, industry and business case?

A modern ecommerce platform consists of many different components. The composition is different for every company. The structure of the total system depends on the type of company, retail, wholesale or manufacturer, and the phase in which a company is located. As a starter you have different needs than as an experienced global player who wants to set up a full Ecommerce 3.0 platform. There are many options that often best of breed can be combined. An integrated solution can also result in significantly lower operational costs. We test your needs, come up with smart solutions and turn Ecommerce omnichannel IT projects into successful operations.


What kind of marketing systems do I need to attract customers to my business?

Optimally combine online and offline channels. So that customers do not notice a difference between the different channels. That is the ultimate omnichannel distribution. All consumer movements and behaviors are measurable. Generated data can be stored in a Data Management Platform (DMP) or Customer Data Platform (CDP). This allows you to effectively use data to optimally serve your customers through smart marketing solutions. Data helps to optimize the customer journey. Result: more turnover, profit and customer satisfaction. That is our commitment to executing and supporting Ecommerce omnichannel IT projects. Our marketing solution experts know all the solutions and the pros and cons. They map out your needs and share their knowledge and experience with the selection process and setting up Marketing Automation processes or CRM campaigns.


If your omnichannel distribution model also includes physical stores (whether or not your own) there are various options for optimizing the customer experience. In addition, you can increase the value of customers who make frequent purchases from you by applying smart loyalty solutions. Good omnichannel processes with display systems and online checkout solutions at physical locations also increase turnover. In addition, you can often reduce costs by linking customer analysis solutions to your stores. We know all smart omnichannel solutions and are happy to show you how to successfully involve them in your Ecommerce omnichannel IT projects.

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