With the arrival of online payment methods, such as the iDeal integration in mobile banking apps, Mobiel Ecommerce is an indispensable part. It is expected that Mobile Ecommerce will exceed sales via standard PCs and Laptops in the not too distant future. Of course, there are already online payment methods that can already be applied, such as linking a payment method such as car collection or credit card to the account, not to mention Paypal. But the tech giants Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon and AliBaba have also developed their own mobile payment methods. Ecommerce Result helps you to optimize the Customer Journey with the correct implementation of Mobile Ecommerce.




How can I make better use of the enormous increase in Mobile Ecommerce with my company?

Nowadays, many smartphone users can also be recognized on location through Location Based Services (LBS) such as WiFi Sniffing, Bluetooth and iBeacons. Due to the enormous penetration of smartphones, the number of Mobile Ecommerce applications has increased enormously. A Mobile Ecommerce website with the right user interface is therefore just as important nowadays as the standard website. This is even more important for Retailers because they can use LBS options to allow visitors to buy in their store and thus prevent “showrooming”. Ecommerce Result is an Omni Channel expert and knows all the possibilities of Mobile Ecommerce to combine the online and offline shopping possibilities. But Mobile Ecommerce applications are also endless for B2B companies.

Implement Mobile Ecommerce

Mobile Ecommerce is not an end in itself but should be seamlessly implemented in your company. It is therefore important to apply an integrated Omni-Channel strategy. Combining all sales channels creates the perfect Customer Journey. Your customers no longer experience differences and the conversion and turnover increase. Customers who are offered all sales channels spend up to 60% more at your company. Ecommerce Result helps from Strategy to Implementation!


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