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With the advent of online payment methods, such as the iDeal integration in banking apps, Mobile Ecommerce has become indispensable. Mobile Ecommerce already exceeds sales via standard PCs and laptops. The number of mobile payment techniques that can be linked to metal methods such as auto collection or credit cards continues to grow, Paypal is conquering the world. Tech giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Amazon and AliBaba have also developed their own mobile payment methods. Ecommerce Result helps you optimize the customer journey and implement technology that maximizes the opportunities of Mobile Ecommerce.


How can my business maximize the opportunities offered by Mobile Ecommerce?

In modern Ecommerce: mobile first. VMany smartphone users can be identified on location via Location Based Services (LBS) such as WiFi Sniffing, Bluetooth and iBeacons. Due to the overwhelming use of smartphones, the number of applications of Mobile Ecommerce has increased enormously. A Mobile Ecommerce website, with the right user interface, is therefore at least as important as the standard website. Maybe even more important. Especially for retailers, as they can take advantage of LBS capabilities to allow visitors to buy into their store and thus showrooming can counteract. Ecommerce Result is an omnichannel expert and EcommerceResult knows all the possibilities of Mobile Ecommerce. We know how online and offline shopping can reinforce each other and how the B2B world can do more business with the use of Mobile Ecommerce.


Mobile Ecommerce is not an end in itself. Mobile Ecommerce requires seamless integration and implementation in your business processes. It is therefore important to apply an integrated omnichannel strategy. By combining all sales channels, you create the perfect customer journey. Your customers no longer experience differences in the various sales channels and the conversion and turnover increase. Customers who are offered all sales channels will spend up to 60% more with your company. Ecommerce Result advises and offers support. From Strategy to implementation.


Choosing a Ecommerce platform seems easy. Just google, approach the suppliers of the first two pages and ask for their demo. However, research shows that many platform choices do not turn out so well later on. Paying too much, too few functionalities, no development freedom, too complex or not the right integration options with other systems. Not to mention implementation partners…

Don't take any chances! We know almost all Ecommerce solutions with their advantages and disadvantages. Decide for yourself what type of support is desired: from a nudge in the right direction to complete unburdening and guidance. We guarantee transparent and supplier-independent advice. We always recoup our costs for you.

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