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After a long preparation of our Ecommerce project, we brought in Ecommerce Result to help us make the right choice in terms of platform and supplier. We are glad that we did this because they saved us a lot of money with their refreshing view on IT investments. Not only was the initial investment considerably lower, but also the running costs were able to decrease significantly, which makes our business case look better now. We are also very pleased with the approach, knowledge and speed with which we were able to do this project. This club knows what they are talking about!

Peter Gros, Director Finance & IT @ Goossens Wonen & Slapen

Body & Fit

We have been using the services of Ecommerce Result since 2016. They have provided us with very valuable Implementation Managers and Product Owners with which we have been able to realize our Ecommerce transformation. Especially with their knowledge and pragmatic decisiveness they help our IT projects and business move forward.

Fritjof Haalboom, Head of Technology @ Body & Fit Sports nutrition

"Ecommerce Result helped adapt the online retail and commercial processes. In addition, they advised us on our IT architecture for improvements at the front and back. Their vision on IT investments has greatly improved our business case. With good the sense of reality and humor, the consultant was also able to get the workplace to give new impulses. For me it was a very pleasant and successful collaboration. "

Claudia Willemsen, Founder @


"Ecommerce Result has helped us gain insight into all the strategic and functional possibilities that a PIM solution can offer us. With their contribution, we are now better able to make a good choice. I highly recommend Ecommerce Result for Ecommerce IT projects. "

Bennie Hebbelynck, Head of IT @ Velleman


Ecommerce Result has helped us with our strategic choices, formulating functional IT requirements and finding and selecting our PIM & Ecommerce Solution. The thorough but pragmatic approach really appealed to us. With them we have been able to lay the foundation for our future growth!

Richard Dekker, Finance & IT Director @ Wilmink Group

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Ecommerce Result has helped Fleurop with her Ecommerce IT strategy and has made recommendations for improvements. They have a lot of knowledge in this area and we are therefore very happy with their contribution.

Jeroen de Zwart, General Manager / CEO @ Fleurop

We have engaged Ecommerce Result to help us formulate the functional requirements and choose the most suitable PIM system. Due to their in-depth knowledge of PIM systems and the Ecommerce and Omnichannel IT landscape, we were able to quickly make a responsible choice. I can absolutely recommend Ecommerce Result with regard to consultancy for any B2B / B2C ecommerce project.

Menno Bokslag, Director @ Accell IT Services BV (including Batavus, Koga, Sparta, Raleigh)

Ecommerce Result has opened our eyes to what is possible in an omni-channel distribution model. They helped us to sharpen our online strategy and the corresponding webshop platform and PIM. In addition, they helped us in the search for the right solution and supplier, and guided us in building and setting up our platform. We can now quickly publish landing pages within a day if necessary and realize our own E-commerce strategy and that of our partners worldwide. Before the project was completed, an excellent interim E-commerce manager was also introduced. Whether you want to go online B2C, B2B or both, I can definitely recommend Ecommerce Result.

Olivier Overweg, Commercial Director @ Difrax

Akzo Nobel

“We are pleased to have engaged Ecommerce Result to clarify our Omni-Channel Distribution Strategy. In a pleasant and efficient way, their consultants offered us tools in a course of workshops to calibrate our Distribution Strategy and adjust it where necessary. ”

Kim Potters, Director Global Marketing


Ecommerce Result has helped Bavaria in two sessions to give direction to our E-commerce and E-business objectives. In addition, they provided us with valuable insights that enabled us to accelerate our preparations. We can certainly recommend Ecommerce Result as Ecommerce and Omni-Channel experts.

Gijs Swinkels, Global Brand Manager @ Bavaria

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