replatformingThere are many reasons why your current Online store may need to be replaced. The most common reasons are difficult maintenance, slowness, new look and high costs. When you change your current webshop platform is going to replace, then this is a major project. Your IT department, your marketing and sales departments, but also finance and logistics will have to be involved. It is wise to tackle this integrally. When you are going to replace your webshop, a so-called Replatforming, you can immediately let "surrounding" systems work better together, which reduces maintenance costs.

It is wise to be guided in this project so that you do not overlook crucial issues and make the best investment for the coming years. We know all the pitfalls and Ecommerce platforms. We know in which case you have to choose which solution. That saves you unnecessary money. We advise you independently of suppliers, so guaranteed objective advice.


Which functionalities best match the Customer Journey of my customers?

The functionalities of a modern webshop, or rather the lack thereof, is often the main reason to consider a replacement of the current system. The simple "picture-price" principle of the previous generation of web shops is no longer sufficient to persuade visitors to buy. Intelligent options are required, such as excellent search and selection options, relevant product recommendations, personalized content, etc. It is possible to choose to include all functionalities in the platform, but a so-called "best of breed" solution is also possible. An Ecommerce Platform is put together by several tools.


Is it necessary to adjust my entire IT landscape during Replatforming?

When you have made a choice for a new Ecommerce platform, it is important to examine the existing processes during the preparation of the project, because here too there are often benefits to be gained. For example, a modern API layer ensures that communication to and from the new Ecommerce Platform is much easier to set up. Especially when you are going to work with, for example, a Marketing Automation solution or a Data Management Platform, connectivity is very important.

Replatforming Business Case

In addition to functional and user requirements, Replatforming almost always has a positive effect on the business case. The main reasons are lower costs and higher conversion (sales). A well-chosen Ecommerce Platform facilitates users more so that less has to be outsourced to, for example, a web builder. In addition, the costs of hosting a modern solution per visitor are often also lower. Due to the faster loading time of pages, Google will usually place the pages higher in the index, resulting in more visitors. Due to the flexible options of content management, "story telling" functions and AB testing options, the conversion rate increases, resulting in more sales. These are just a few examples, but the list of optimizations is often long. Just like in a "brick shop", it is necessary to go with the times and to ensure an optimal experience for the visitors. Lower costs and a higher turnover usually ensure a quick payback period for a Replatforming.

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