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Will my current strategy still work in this Amazon and AliBaba era?

Ecommerce Result helps Wholesalers, Retailers and Brands with these kinds of issues. No company is the same, so we provide 100% customization specifically for your industry and company.

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Before you take even one step in the realization of your e-commerce and / or omni-channel ambition, you will have to formulate your strategy sharply. This starts with the classic question "What business are we in?" soon followed by the question “what business do we want to be in?” When these two questions are answered differently, we are talking about a shift in the business domain, consisting of:
- the markets
- who to target
- the products
- what need to meet
- the skills (capabilities)
- how to distinguish
A shift in the business domain means a major impact on your organization. For this reason, establishing a clear strategy is an important condition for your ecommerce success.


How do I develop a good Omni-Channel Strategy for my company?

Your internal organization, but also your outside world, needs the support of a clear strategy. Without a clear strategy it is difficult to manage and your identity in the market will be diffuse. You must be able to put all the choices you encounter on your route to realization next to some clear strategic statements. Our professionals are focused on obtaining a sharp but also concise elaboration of the following strategic elements:

  The mission in which the right to exist and the identity are expressed
  The vision that serves as inspiration (internal and external)
  The domain of the organization: markets, products, skills
  The smart goals that give ambition to the previous elements
  Strategic plan that sets out in which steps the objectives are achieved

Realizing your Ecommerce Omni Channel strategy and future should not become a voyage of discovery. Energy is already being demanded enough to realize the ambition. Our experts guide you through the strategic phase and support you with the specific e-commerce issues you encounter. Our professionals are focused on obtaining a sharp but also concise elaboration of the following strategic elements:


A well-formulated Ecommerce Omni Channel strategy answers specific e-commerce issues and thus forms a concrete strategic framework for further design and realization. Because of our years of experience in the field of the Ecommerce Omni Channel strategy, we know which issues you will encounter when determining your strategy.

insourcing or outsourcing

acquisition versus building yourself

distribution and channel conflicts

long term position in a vertical

impact of both brick and click activities on your organization and systems

In developing your new Ecommerce Omni Channel strategy, we support you in identifying the important issues, identifying alternatives and determining choices. The latter usually requires one or more strategic workshops.

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