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A Data Management Platform, also known as CDP, is indispensable within your omnichannel strategy for creating and managing marketing campaigns that you deploy via the various channels. In the early stages of Ecommerce attracting visitors was relatively easy. You put enough information and/or products online and the indexation of the search engine did the rest. With little competition, this was a fine model. But soon competition intensified and visitor conversions dropped. That is why it was necessary to 'buy' more and more traffic, via all kinds of online marketing channels, such as Email, Adwords, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising and Social Media. But the sheer amount of different channels made it increasingly difficult to determine which channel contributed to the final conversion at which stage of the customer journey. There is now a solution for this: Data Management Platform or DMP. A DMP system gives online marketers a tool to efficiently manage online marketing campaigns on various channels and to build anonymous profiles in the run-up to a conversion. Also, some DMP systems have built-in attribution tools to identify which resources are involved and which have contributed effectively. As soon as an anonymous profile makes a purchase, you can enrich the profile with customer-specific data. This allows you to build a 360-degree customer view. To be able to bundle this data, a Customer Data Platform or CDP system necessary.


What exactly is a DMP?

A DMP or Data Management Platform is simply software that uses cookies to analyze how a potential buyer/visitor uses sites or other online applications. In addition, the DMP records how this visitor moves across different online platforms and when, how often and for how long he returns. A Data Management Platform also provides information that shows how visitors deal with advertisements that you place on other sites. A DMP provides anonymous data from users, which can be divided into segments. This gives you a good idea of your target group and allows you to properly analyze the effectiveness of campaigns. A Data Management Platform can be integrated with almost all existing ad servers.


How do I use a DMP for more customer engagement at lower marketing costs?

In a Data Management Platform you primarily store information related to the behavior of potential customers. The most important data are user behavior in relation to social media, affiliate marketing, SEO, SEA, display advertising and email. In addition, click behavior on your own website(s) can be recorded. Information from third parties can also be purchased to further enrich one's own consumer profiles. The more complete a profile is, the more targeted the marketer can organize and send his messages. That makes the message more relevant and the conversion higher. A Data Management Platform or DMP is therefore a powerful tool for every marketer to create more engagement and customer value with the right message at the right time and to the right target group.


The advantages of a Data Management Platform are great. First of all, you simply save a lot on your marketing expenses because you approach visitors and customers in a much more targeted way with a commercial offer. As a result, the so-called waste significantly. You need fewer marketing channels per visitor to achieve interest and conversion. The second big advantage is that your customers receive more relevant messages, so that they no longer have the feeling of being 'spammed'. This ensures a better image and ultimately higher customer satisfaction. And that in turn results in repeat purchases and higher spending. A Data Management Platform improves the dialogue in the customer journey and thus increases the return on the various (online) marketing channels.

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