Ecommerce, both in B2B and B2C, is increasingly about the right presentation of your products or services. But how do you ensure that your product data is complete and correct? And how do you monitor the quality of the catalog if it contains many products? Traditional (ERP) systems no longer meet this requirement. To provide your Omni-Channel distribution (webshop and customers) with the right product content, one Product Information Management (PIM) system essential. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in PIM Systems, we are the PIM experts in the Benelux. On our three pages about Product Information Management and our extensive PIM whitepaper read everything you want to know.

Why do I need a PIM system?

PIM system

Do you recognize the following situations in your company?

  • product information is stored in different systems (usually ERP and / or somewhere on a hard disk in Excel)
  • product information is maintained in Excel and is sent internally by email
  • entering and enriching product information takes a lot of time
  • product information is incomplete, inconsistent or incorrect
  • regularly an image is missing in your catalog, portal or webshop, but you see it accidentally
  • product information is not suitable for stimulating sales, so your online sales are low
  • product information in different languages for different countries / regions is very difficult and time consuming
  • Delivering product information to customers is done by email because product feeds are an IT job
  • product descriptions are not good enough to be found in search engines (SEO)


Curious how a PIM solution can also improve your sales performance?


What is the benefit of my PIM System?

Spend less time

  • set up workflows for collaboration
  • no errors due to preset attributes and categories
  • shorter "time to market"

Fewer returns

  • better comparable product data
  • sizes, colors, dimensions more transparent
  • more images provides better information

Increased online / offline conversion

  • sell complete information
  • no missing images
  • sales texts adjustable per channel

Better collaboration with partners

  • fast delivery of up-to-date product information
  • live product data feeds without IT
  • automatic submission of changes

Which PIM system is right for me?

PIM system

There are more than 80 different PIM solutions worldwide. Above you see the 20 most eye-catching systems. Prices of PIM systems vary roughly from € 25,000 to more than € 1 Million. The best known major software players in this field are Hybris SAP, Informatica, Stibo, Perfion and inRiver. But what is a good PIM solution for one company or industry may not be the case for another. So there are big differences in systems for Retailers, Wholesalers and Brands. That makes it difficult to choose.

Is it possible at all within my organization?
Together with you, we will map out the costs on the basis of your situation and we will determine which system suits your organization. A good advice This is valuable: the right solution ensures lower purchase costs and operational costs.

Do you want to know how much a PIM solution costs for your company and how you can save?


Obviously without obligation.