B2B ecommerceAs a wholesaler, you may be dealing with an increasingly critical customer group. More and more demands are placed on your services. Keeping stock, sameday delivery, real-time product feeds with stock indication, etc. If you do not comply with these requirements, more and more customers will look for alternatives. Amazon and Alibaba are an alternative distribution channel for companies that want to have their products distributed efficiently. But is the choice of a Marketplace smart enough to develop your brand identity and what do your existing customers think about it? Do they remain loyal to your brand (s), or are they “exposed” by the Marketplace to the temptation of your competitors' products? Is B2B Ecommerce a solution for your company?

Efficient distribution can certainly also be decorated with smart ones B2B Ecommerce solutions. If you want to better serve your customers through your own B2B Ecommerce platform, then getting advice is the first step. There are many options, but which one is the best solution for your industry and business case? Let the Ecommerce specialists of Ecommerce Result advise you. We know all the possibilities and challenges associated with it. From strategy, via process optimization and IT infrastructure to logistics and channel conflicts.




What can a B2B webshop yield for my company?

Setting up a business to business webshop involves more than you think. It is therefore important to know that EcommersResult helps you separate the wheat from the chaff. Before setting up a B to B webshop, you should think carefully about what you want to achieve with your webshop and what your customers find important and are now missing in your distribution approach. What makes your webshop different from all those other webshops? What are your Unique Selling Points? How ecommerce technology can help your business grow is the specialty of EcommerceResult.


How do I set up global Ecommerce business for my company?

As a company, you know better than anyone how important it is to work with others. If you set up your business to business webshop using ecommerce technology and make it part of a dealer portal, you will notice that your company will be able to grow quickly worldwide. This is possible because independent distributors in areas with less focus can buy directly and pay directly. By paying in advance you do not run a debtor risk. The lack of that debtor risk means that you can expand the B2B ecommerce activities of your company in a relatively short period of time.

Business to Business Dealer Portals

Uniform communication to end users supports your brand values. An integrated “marketing webshop” or “rich dealer portal” is therefore an important tool that is being used by more and more manufacturers for the distribution and communication of marketing materials. In addition, the same platform can also serve to offer enriched product content for online use by dealers / retailers in a structured manner, taking into account the agreements made with regard to assortment, prices, promotions, etc.


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