Ecommerce Result advises companies in the field of IT architecture and solutions focused on Ecommerce and Omni-Channel applications. We only work with professionals with years of experience in their field. We firmly believe in the passion of the profession. If you excel in one area as an expert, it makes you happy and if you are happy, you function better. What we stand for is making a real contribution to the results of our customers. That distinguishes us from our colleagues!




How do I ensure a real omni-channel approach in my company?

If your company already has a solid Ecommerce proposition, but a good Omni-Channel approach is still lacking, Ecommerce Result offers a solution! We have Omni-Channel Experts in-house who can see through both the business side and IT. Thanks to our many years of experience, you do not risk making the wrong choice. Our retail background helps us to think in a customer-oriented manner, while at the same time keeping costs as low as possible. This improves your business case and you earn back your investments faster. We call it Smart IT Investments!


How do I get the best IT professionals for my complex Ecommerce project?

Our Ecommerce IT Experts are constantly at the interface of IT and the business. They are experts in simplifying complex IT structures and help the business achieve its goals with smart IT investments. Our specialization is Ecommerce related solutions such as B2B / B2C webshops, dealer portals, PIM, DAM or MDM systems, POS solutions, CRM, CDP or DMP systems or Marketing Automation solutions. Our specialists know all solutions and help you with the right choice and fast implementation.

CRM and CDP Experts

The world of Ecommerce offers many opportunities for companies that look beyond basic transaction data. Our CRM and CDP Experts approach Marketing from the principle of a "360 degree customer view". They help you build and set up customer databases. It is necessary that all customer information such as purchase history, social media, email marketing, surfing behavior etc. are combined. Setting up a well-functioning Customer Data Platform or CDP is a big job, but with the right approach and the choice of the right CDP system, all available customer data can be used quickly.

Product Information Management Experts

In a modern Ecommerce IT architecture, in addition to "front-end" solutions and customer data systems, a Product Information Management System is required. But which of the more than 80 different PIM systems is the best match for your organization? Our PIM experts know all systems and through our proven Product Data Check we can quickly show you which solution is most suitable for you. Because we have already reviewed or implemented more than 300 PIM projects, we know all the pitfalls. We are happy to help you with the right choice and fast implementation.

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