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Recruitment of Ecommerce personnel


recruiting. We only use the "hunting" tool for senior candidates with many years of relevant experience. Helping people in their career by “loosening” them in time and letting them get the most out of themselves by offering a next step in their career. In this way we deliver the candidate that fits the vacancy and your organization. Guaranteed!

Type of candidates

Thanks to our Ecommerce knowledge, we know better than anyone which candidates you need for your vacancies. Sometimes a starter, but above all we supply highly experienced candidates with at least 5 years of experience in the requested field, supplemented or not with industry experience. Each candidate is followed by us in his/her career and carefully “hunted” at the right time. We are ready for our candidates at every stage of their career.


Ecommerce Result is not a typical Recruitment & Selection agency as you know it. We only use “hunting” as an instrument. We no longer believe in databases full of CVs, but in targeted candidate searches for our clients. We believe in working together, so we are happy to help our customers find the best employees. We know the best Ecommerce Specialists in almost all branches in every discipline. Whether it concerns Ecommerce Managers, IT Managers, or Online marketing specialists, we will find the right candidate for your difficult-to-fill vacancy. The candidates we are looking for have made a conscious choice for a career in Ecommerce and want to continue to develop. We recognize these qualities immediately. Your guarantee for the best employee!

Ecommerce Operations

Ecommerce Managers

Ecommerce Data Analysts

Ecommerce Product Owners

Ecommerce IT

Ecommerce IT Project Managers

Ecommerce UX / CRO specialists

Ecommerce PIM / DAM specialists

Online Marketing

Online Marketers

Marketing Data Analysts

CRM / Campaign Managers

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  • You don't have enough people or knowledge available in your own organization

  • Software suppliers like to sell, but who do you believe?

  • You are looking for advice and people you can really trust

  • Your ROI on marketing campaigns drops

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