Customer Data Check

    After this 8 questions (3 min) you will know if and what type of Customer Data Platform you need.

    These questions are about the essence of Customer Data Management for your business. After answering, you will know whether a Customer Data Platform makes sense for your business, and if so, what type.

    We will send you the conclusions with tips and recommendations on which type of system might best suit your business.

    Question 1: In how many different systems is your customer data like name, email address, (online/offline) purchase history, social media behavior, webshop behavior, newsletter behavior etc?

    Question 2: How many customers are in your customer base?

    Question 3: How many email newsletters do you send per month to your existing customers?

    Question 4: Do your customers receive a newsletter with content based on their historical purchase data and online/offline behavior?

    Question 5: Do you use social media channels for advertising?

    Question 6: Do you use personalized content on your website?

    Question 7: Do you use one or more of the solutions below?

    Question 8: Do you use personalized product recommendations in your webshop?

    Your data is safe, will not be disclosed to third parties and is subject to our strict privacy policy.