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Independent advice & interim management

We are a close team of Ecommerce & Marketing Specialists.

You can come to us for advice and support with the choice, design and management of Web shopsPIM systems, Marketing Automation and customer data systems such as data warehouses and CDP.

Our team of Interim specialists consists of:

  • IT managers & architects
  • Ecommerce managers
  • PIM & Ecommerce specialists
  • eCRM & Marketing Automation specialists
  • Online Campaign Marketers
For wholesalers, retailers and manufacturers from €1 Million to €1 Billion turnover

How do we do that?

We are not “talkers” but “doers”. Our Ecommerce knowledge has been built up over the past 25 years. We have now supervised or reviewed so many projects that we can honestly say that no situation is foreign to us anymore. You can contact us for simple but also extremely complex Ecommerce issues.

Knowledge, vision, enthusiasm and thoroughness.
Bring on your challenge!

Our approach in five clear steps

Step 1:

We get to know each other by telephone or via an online meeting and get a clear overview of your question. During this meeting we will immediately give you a global insight into our vision, approach and costs. No obligation!

Step 2:

Are you enthusiastic about our approach after the first meeting? Then we will make a non-binding offer with different options based on your wishes. Transparent fixed prices. No surprises afterwards!

Step 3:

We map out your specific wishes. If you opt for a workshop, all stakeholders can also participate. All disciplines provide their input and this creates discussion and support. This often provides new insights.

Step 4:

After processing all input, you will receive a compact report from us. It summarizes and compares all possible options. We can now take the next step together with peace of mind.

Step 5:

We have the best specialists ready for you. Whether it concerns the implementation of new software, or managing your department or Marketing & Ecommerce Project, we aim for success!

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Do you recognize this?

  • You miss the total picture of possible improvements in your Ecommerce & Marketing systems

  • You don't have enough people or knowledge available in your own organization

  • Software suppliers like to sell, but who do you believe?

  • You are looking for advice and people you can really trust

  • Your ROI on marketing campaigns drops

Call or email for honest advice

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