About Ecommerce Result

We are an independent consultancy and management agency and help wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers and brands to set up or optimize Ecommerce related IT systems.
You can contact us for advice and help with the choice and design of Webshops & Dealer portals, PIM / DAM systems, CRM & Marketing Automation and Customer data systems such as CDP and DMP. Our team consists of highly experienced consultants, project managers and interim managers with at least 10 years of experience in their field of work.


About Our Ecommerce Result

How do we do that?

We are a close team of Ecommerce Specialists with diverse backgrounds. We all have one thing in common: the passion for Ecommerce! We are happy to use our knowledge and years of experience for our customers. We operate independently of suppliers and can therefore provide honest advice. You can read our transparent approach below.

Our approach in five clear steps:

Step 1:

Free analysis and personal explanation

We will visit you first to get acquainted and to clarify your question. During this conversation we already give you a global insight into our vision and approach.


You are happy that you have finally found a good party that can help you with your project!

Step 2:

Free step-by-step plan and quotation

After the first conversation, you are as enthusiastic as we are. On the basis of the information obtained in the conversation, we make a clear plan of action and a clear quote.


You have a good idea of the project approach and the associated costs.

Step 3:

Extensive (specification) analysis

We usually start with a workshop in which all important stakeholders participate. This allows all disciplines to provide their input and creates support.


During the workshop you have had many new Ecommerce possibilities and insights.

Step 4:

Compare all solution directions

After the workshop, we process all input in a compact report. All possible options are summarized and compared. Now choices can be made.


The report allows you to make good choices for strategy changes or IT investments.

Step 5:

Scenarios & #039; s, selection and project preparation

Depending on the project, the final choices are made in this phase and preparations are started. If desired, we help you with a project design.


You can start your project well prepared under the guidance of an internal or our project manager.

Does our clear approach appeal to you?


Obviously without obligation!