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Who can help me devise and activate the right Omni-Channel strategy?

Ecommerce Result helps Wholesalers, Retailers and Brands to design and implement strategies. No company is the same, so we provide 100% customization!

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In the changing market, many companies are adjusting their strategy. They are looking for good Omni Channel Ecommerce Consultancy. Indeed, the primary question of many companies is, how can we take advantage of new online distribution and marketing opportunities? There are so many points of contact in every organization that a well-prepared adaptation is necessary. In fact, without the right strategic choices, market and turnover can quickly be lost. Ecommerce Result offers customized Omni Channel Ecommerce Consultancy. The right approach for every organization.


What are the possibilities of Ecommerce for my company?

The approach is different for every company, be it Retail, Wholesale or Manufacturer / Brand. Forming the right strategy or making the right decisions depends on the knowledge available in the organization. But it is also advisable to have external Omni Channel Ecommerce Consultancy specialists test with various experts within the company. We can act as a coach who is available on call for project meetings, but we also organize workshops and brainstorming sessions, but we guide the entire Omni Channel Ecommerce project at many companies. From strategy to implementation of Organization Change, Marketing tools and Ecommerce Platforms.


What does the approach to an Ecommerce Consultancy project look like?

The approach we use during our Omni Channel Ecommerce Consultancy is pragmatic in nature but steeped in our years of experience. The practical approach makes it clear to everyone at the table what we do and how we want to implement the possible changes. We usually start a collaboration with a workshop to gain insight into the company, its problems and stakeholders. Then we make a “roadmap” to clarify how we think about the steps to be taken (phases). For each phase we define the goals, approach and outcomes with a pre-budgeted number of hours. The entire “roadmap” usually consists of three to six phases. Each phase has a separate price tag. After each phase, you can decide to continue the collaboration or to get started with the insight gained from the workshop and the first phase. This way you are not tied to large investments or long-term and expensive consultancy contracts.


No thick reports that disappear in a drawer of an office and are carefully read by hardly anyone, but compact and understandable readable reports you can expect from us if you hire us within your organization for Omni Channel Ecommerce Consultancy. We complete all “roadmap” phases and the promised “deliverables” are fulfilled. No open ends and clarity where you stand. We are happy to help you realize your projects.

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  • Your ROI on marketing campaigns drops

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