Like oliebollen and annual overviews, trend predictions are part of the new year. What are the 2020 Ecommerce trends you better take into account? EcommerceResult selects the most important for you.

There is one trend that we have left out of the Top 10. It fits nicely in the list of the new 'climate words' of 2019. Following the 'flight shame', the Dutch consumer is now also starting to experience 'delivery shame', according to one of the bloggers of Frankwatching.

According to estimates, one in five cars driving around in our Dutch city centers is involved in delivering parcels ordered online. That is not good for the quality of life. That's one side of the supposed delivery embarrassment. The other side is that people are more and more ashamed to pick up a package again from the neighbors, who are turning shrill by now. Is this really already a trend? In any case, it is a development to keep an eye on and respond to any alternatives.

The most frequently mentioned Ecommerce trends of 2020

Quickly to the Ecommerce trends of 2020 that you better take into account. This is often a matter of healthy entrepreneurial intelligence, upgrading the technology you use and continuing to think critically about the possibilities (and impossibilities) of your Ecommerce platform.

1. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence

In the highly competitive marketplace that Ecommerce is, it's all about the user experience. Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) help improve that experience based on 'remembering' customer behaviors. This is not new, but the application will increase in 2020. You will encounter the AI components in customer data systems such as CDPs

2. Watch online, buy offline

It is a trend that continues and is supported by figures. Approximately 70% of all consumers look online for sale and go to physical stores for the final purchase. This 'ROPO effect' (Research Online Purchase Online) can cost you turnover. Big players will therefore open more and more stone shops. You can mitigate the impact of the effect by offering your customers a unique experience and, above all, maximum convenience.

3. Voice Search

One of the most cited Ecommerce trends of 2020 is that searches are increasingly driven by voice search technology. This has major consequences for the way Google values your platform. Other Google functionalities also influence your ranking. SEO will never be what it used to be again. And it was not easy.

4. Mobile, responsive, fast

Mobile shopping will increase again in 2020. The arrival of 5G is gaining momentum in this regard. Google is also favoring web shops that perform well on mobile. Is your application 100% responsive and bloodfast?

5. Social Commerce

Social media were initially mainly used to view user experiences and reviews, but now Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest play the role of webshops. So: actively involve social media in your omnichannel strategy!

6. From supplier to consumer

A development to keep an eye on, especially if you undertake online wholesale activities. The number of online transactions from suppliers directly to the consumer (D2C / Direct-to-consumer) is increasing. If you want to participate in this as a wholesaler, pay a lot of attention to the quality of Ecommerce PlatformCustomer Data System and the efficiency of your logistics processes.

7. The power of the 'marketplace'

The dominant position of the major marketplaces / platforms continues to increase. In the Netherlands, even a small landslide could take place with the definitive arrival of Amazon. Our advice: 'If you can't beat them, join them'. (but be careful and well informed ;-)

8. Shipping, delivery, returns

Will online shoppers suffer from delivery shame in 2020? We will see. The fact is that the complicated processes around shipping, delivery and return are the biggest challenges for the Ecommerce world in 2020. The trends? More collection points, specialized carriers and more shipping and delivery options. The most important condition not to lose customers as a result of delivery problems? Honesty is the best policy!

9. Sustainability

One thing is certain: the themes of climate change and nitrogen will continue to hold the Netherlands in 2020. That also affects Ecommerce. Start thinking about sustainable packaging and delivery techniques. Still free delivery, but only two or three delivery days? Many companies think about their logistics options.

10. Personalization squared

This trend should actually be number 1, because you can find it in all lists of Ecommerce trends of 2020: personalization. We are only at the beginning. Big data will play a major role in how you guide your customers to their final purchase. Smart AI-based CDP systems (Customer Data Platforms), determine the future of your Ecommerce business. Make sure you know what the options are and take action!

The trend of all Ecommerce trends of 2020

Why did we last keep our biggest trend? Because the extent to which you can really personalize the customer experience and lift it to the highest quality level makes the difference to your competitive position in the Ecommerce landscape. The deployment of one CDP system helps you create personalized email communication, content, recommendations and online marketing and loyalty campaigns. This is not a trend, it is a must!

In the Netherlands, three companies have official recognition as a CDP Service Provider, issued by the International CDP Institute. EcommerceResult is one of them. Good to know at the start of a new, entrepreneurial year. We'll get back to that, but you can get one right now Make an appointment.


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