Online customers are critical and demanding. If possible, they want their order delivered the next day. Free. This is often possible, but not always. And if it fails against the promise, Leiden will be in trouble. Late delivery increasingly leads to complaints and customer loss. So you better take the expectations around Ecommerce and delivery times seriously. The most important tip: honest is the best policy.

The Dutch consumer is not only fond of online shopping, he is also crazy about complaining. With the ever-increasing amount of purchases, the number of actively reported issues is also increasing. The majority of the complaints relate to the late delivery of ordered products. This reports it Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) in the slipstream of Cyber Monday on Dec. 2 last.

Tension between Ecommerce and delivery times

According to the CBS survey, half of the online shopping public has complaints about the buying experience. That is an increase of ten percent compared to 2015. The study involved nearly six thousand consumers aged 12 years and older. Common problems are: technical difficulties during the ordering process, receipt of wrong or damaged goods, poor product and warranty information, higher costs than expected. One complaint takes the cake. That is the complaint about late delivery. This shows that Ecommerce and delivery times for the customer are an area of tension. More than thirty percent of the respondents complain about late delivery.

Consumers expect from their online shop not only that the delivery is free, but also that the delivery is punctual. The claim 'delivered tomorrow' or 'delivery also on Sunday' must be fulfilled at all times. The delivery time and delivery time are core values. The prediction is even that 'Same Day Delivery' will provide one Ecommerce delivery revolution. This means that you have to have your logistics processes in order. For larger volumes, outsourcing the entire logistics process is therefore obvious. Do this with a specialist that suits your company and your target group and stay focused on the process. Failure to meet agreements regarding delivery times can cost your customers.

Avoid disappointments

You can also do a lot in the run-up to the actual delivery of the parcels to prevent complaints. You can reduce the chance of disappointments regarding the nature and quality of the products received and the associated guarantees by paying maximum attention to thorough product information. We wrote about it before: a correct, complete and unambiguous presentation of your products is one of your most important competitive weapons. Support by up-to-date Product Information Management System (PIM) is indispensable in this.

Preventing disappointments as a result of customer expectations around Ecommerce and delivery times is never a hundred percent in your hands. After all, you are dependent on third parties for distribution: mail, parcel deliverers, logistics partners (e-fulfillment companies). But you can do a lot on the 'front' to avoid disappointments. The classic motto 'fair takes the longest' applies here. Take advantage of the tips below.

7 tips around Ecommerce and delivery times

  1. Only promise what you can actually deliver.
  2. Communicate openly and honestly about items you do not have in stock and possibly offer equivalent alternatives. Read more about automating and optimizing up and cross selling with Recommendation Engines.
  3. Be transparent about both the delivery times and the delivery process.
  4. Offer flexibility in delivery times and delivery methods. Consumers are often willing to pay a little extra for extra fast delivery.
  5. Set up a track & trace system for parcels, so that your customers can follow the process and take into account the delivery time.
  6. When outsourcing the logistics process, choose an e-fulfillment partner who understands your business and has a good reputation.
  7. If there are still complaints about delivery times and times, handle them correctly and promise to get better. Focus on customer retention!

Ecommerce and delivery times. The last word has not yet been said or written about it. Do you want to talk about it with a cup of coffee? Call or email for one no-obligation appointment.



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