If you, as an online retailer, want to maintain and rather increase your market share, then maximum attention is required for your marketing strategy. Because growth is no longer a matter of course. Growth figures leveled off for the first time in 2018 and no turnaround is expected for 2019. 'The battle for the customer is only getting fiercer,' say the experts in the recently published Ecommerce Marketing Trend Report 2019.

How can you grow and which marketing tools do you use? That is the key question in the Ecommerce Marketing Trend Report 2019, which had its scoop during the Webwinkel Vakdagen at the end of January. The report is the result of joint qualitative research by software supplier Spotler and Thuiswinkel.org. They questioned 285 Ecommerce marketers. Four experts respond in the form of interviews to the results of the research and share their vision for the future. That makes the content extra interesting. The trend report, which you can download for free to download, is a must for anyone who is active in Ecommerce.

Get started with Ecommerce Marketing Trend Report

One of the interviewees, Marco Derksen, founder of the blog platform Marketingfacts, briefly describes the challenge: "Everything for a smile is no longer enough if Amazon and Alibaba will really stir on the Dutch market." According to Derksen, both large and smaller existing players in the Dutch Ecommerce market need to get started. His advice to online retailers is: “Keep a cool head and try not to go along with every hype that comes along. Focus on the basics with your marketing activities and make sure you perfect them. ”

The research shows that webshops have long emphasized content marketing, SEO and advertising. This trinity also forms the basis in 2019. In addition, the research shows that more and more web shops are applying or are considering adopting an omnichannel marketing strategy. Within this strategy, the own webshop, social media and newsletters are the most important channels. The use of social media and other influencer marketing techniques mainly ensure more engagement and an increase in the number of webshop visitors. The application of email marketing (product newsletters, promotional emails and discount and welcome campaigns) has shown that the research concretely increases sales.

Marketing Automation, you cannot ignore it

One of the main trends screened in the E-commerce Marketing Trend Report is (Email) Marketing Automation. This allows you to follow all online interactions of prospects and customers, so that you build a perfect profile. You then fine-tune the content and timing of your e-mailings. Marketing Automation allows you to send a series of unique, personalized messages that appeal to specific phases in the customer life cycle.

According to the experts in the trend report, far too few online retailers (55% at most) use this marketing technique. Sin. Because Marketing Automation, as practice shows, demonstrably delivers more conversion. There is good software for it, which is fairly easy to implement. Mark van den Berg of Spotler, one of the initiators of the trend research, wrote one for Frankwatching at the end of January worth reading article about. He literally says to all marketers in the Ecommerce: "Guys, you are missing out on opportunities!"

Leaving opportunities is taboo, given the prediction that the battle for the customer will only get fiercer in 2019. It is therefore important to ensure that your base is perfect - your brand, your findability, your payment and service system and your social media strategy - and that you take action to familiarize yourself with new techniques. According to the Ecommerce Marketing Trend Report 2019, you cannot ignore (Email) Marketing Automation. More about that in a next blog.