Suppose you decide that it is really time to take a look at what your website actually offers commercial opportunities. Maybe you, like many others, use your website as a nice digital folder. Nothing wrong with that, but of course you miss the benefits that you could have from it. So get to work gathering information online. We will look at the conversion of your website or webshop.

Online marketing

In most cases you will soon no longer be able to see the forest through the trees. Others, it turns out, did not wait to delve into this. They earn their living by optimizing and operating websites. They clearly know more than you. When it comes to websites then!

Marketing terms

The abbreviations and abstract terms used to inform you make it practically impossible to understand what it says. To name a few:

  • SEO
  • SEA
  • Organic traffic
  • Customer experience
  • Ranking
  • Call to action
  • Conversion

So it's time to learn something!

Conversion, the visitor in action

Let's start with 'conversion'. Every entrepreneur would like to serve as many customers as possible. Nowadays this often starts with a visit by a potential customer to the website of the entrepreneur. So you want that visitor to the website to deliver something, even if it is just an email address. Then you can reach him or her again later, with a personal message, or an advertising message.

So it is not the intention that he or she disappears from your website again. That's a missed opportunity! When this visitor signs himself up for your newsletter, for example, you speak of conversion.

Conversion rate

Conversion can be expressed in percentages. This is important information, which is obtained by dividing the number of visitors to a website by the number of visitors who take the desired action on that site. This can be, for example, a purchase in a webshop, but also the registration for a newsletter. These percentages are used by online marketing agencies to measure the success of their efforts. So at a higher conversion rate, things are going in the right direction.

Conversion goals

Of course, you need conversion goals to measure conversion. Otherwise, the numbers are useless. Some examples of conversion goals:

  • Subscribe to newsletter
  • Request information
  • Make a purchase (webshop)
  • Download e-book
  • Contact us through the website
  • etc.

Increase conversion

Now that you know what conversion is and what you get from it, you understand what everyone means by increasing conversion. In short, more conversion means: more turnover! To achieve this, you can get started with, for example, Google AdWords or website changes, but that is not as easy as it initially seems. We actually just have online (CRO) marketing agencies for that. They automatically earn their money back.

Which online marketing agency?

Just make sure you choose one that you understand and vice versa. Ecommerce Result consultants work for many different companies. We therefore know the good and less good agencies. Do you want advice on which online marketing agency is good at what? Feel free to call us for some free advice. We are happy to help you with your goals.

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