Ecommerce is all about the effectiveness of your sales funnel. You know: that imaginary funnel, in which potential buyers change into buyers through different steps. In the Ecommerce sales funnel, it is very important that every step of the Customer Journey is correct and meets the wishes and emotions. You always give the intended customer the right push in the right direction. The trick is to constantly monitor and optimize that process. EcommerceResult provides knowledge and tips for this.

The commercial game starts at the top of the funnel, with identifying and engaging your target audience. You use a variety of marketing tools for this: SEO, online advertising, blogs, comparison sites, social media, other sales channels such as, Amazon and eBay. Your mission is clear here: to lead potential buyers into your Ecommerce sales funnel.

Go for the ultimate customer journey

You bite as soon as potential buyers visit your website. It is arranged in such a way that the Customer Journey goal-oriented. Design and content are tailored to your target group, the navigation is clear. The loading time of your site is optimal, offers and promotions match the individual wishes and experience of your visitors. Contact and action options are clear, the procedures are safe. It all makes sense, but it is worth taking a closer look at all factors that determine success. Ask yourself to what extent new technologies can provide support to perfect the customer journey.

The Ecommerce sales funnel - 10 tips

Which factors deserve maximum attention? Take advantage of the following tips.

1. Accurately visualize the behavior of your potential buyers

2. Provide reliable contact options and supplement them with Whatsapp, Messenger or good ones Chatbot technology

3. Make the most of reviews

4. Be clear about payment, delivery and return procedures

5. Realize that sales start with qualitative and complete product information

6. Communicate segmented with your target group via email and social media

7. Personalize your online and offline content, offers and promotions

8. Give the right “call 2 action” impulses in your Ecommerce sales funnel at the right time

9. Continue to analyze the customer journey and adjust your activities accordingly

10. Offer the greatest possible service and ask for feedback


Smart IT tools optimize the Ecommerce sales funnel

The use of smart IT tools is crucial for many of the above-mentioned tips. When mapping buying and searching behavior, for example. But also when optimizing your product information. There are more and more solutions, but the challenge is: which tools fit my priorities and how do I take steps that are future-proof?

Be sharp on product information - with PIM

You can hardly go now or in the short term for two developments in the Ecommerce / IT landscape. The first concerns the management and distribution of product information. Here's an ever-growing number Product Information Management systems (PIM) for the market, enabling you to present your products and services in an effective and consistent manner across the various channels through which your Ecommerce business takes place. An appropriate PIM system is essential, especially for omni-channel retail in shops, webshops and Marketplaces. Good and complete product information improves the quality of the Ecommerce sales funnel and reduces the costs of product management and quantity returns.

Choosing CDP will be the challenge of this decade

Another important development concerns the collection, analysis and preferably also centralization of customer information. Insight into the search and buying behavior of your potential customers is the key to personalization, the absolute must-have in Ecommerce. At present, customer information is often collected and analyzed in a fragmented manner. All channels, physical and online, provide their own puzzle pieces. With the right thing Customer Data Platform (CDP) you bring those puzzle pieces together. You link the total of customer characteristics and behaviors to self-learning AI tools that generate personalized content, product suggestions and purchase impulses at the ultimate stage of the Ecommerce sales funnel.

The integrated customer data is continuously enriched and forms a gold mine to really get to know your customers and to serve them in the Ecommerce sales funnel. It is the next big step in Ecommerce. Here too, many systems have appeared on the market in a short time and the number continues to grow. The choice of a CDP system that meets specific wishes and goals in every respect may become the challenge of this decade.

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