This year, several retail chains in Dutch Retail have faced major problems. Just think of V&D, Scapino, MS Mode, Hout Brox, Mc Gregor and so on. How different Bristol is. This retail chain has seen the light in time and benefits from the collapse of other Retail companies. The house style is being changed and the shops are getting a new look. To top it off, Bristol will open another hundred new branches in the Benelux in the coming years. So invest instead of cut back! Or what about Van Haren. This shoe chain achieved record turnover in the past year. This is also possible in Retail, but based on a sophisticated Omni Channel strategy.


Retail and Omni Channel strategy

Today, the experience and experience of the customer is more central than ever. It is therefore important to coordinate different channels. Four strategic elements can be distinguished in the field of Omni Channel strategy. First, of course, there is the customer. It is important to know the customer as well as possible. In this way it is discovered what moves them and which channels are used to get in touch. In addition, it is essential to remain relevant to your customer, both in assortment and experience.

The Customer Journey is the second point of attention. The customer is, as it were, guided throughout the journey from product need to first purchase and from recurring visit to repeat purchase. A uniform brand experience is essential as a third element, which must be kept up to date.

Finally, it is important to integrate the right systems. In the field of Retail and Ecommerce, this could mean, for example, that the webshop is fully integrated into the store. Databases can be linked, just like payment systems. It is again important that there is a clear mobile strategy, so that M-commerce is also immediately included in the story.

Physical Retail remains the most important at the moment for Bristol. The focus is on the customer in combination with brand experience. The house style in blue / yellow changes to red / white. Bristol, however, cannot avoid optimizing the Omni Channel strategy. Based on strategic considerations, an important choice has been made with regard to Ecommerce. The webshop is mainly used as a support tool with physical service and collection points in the branches. But there are certainly still many points of attention to actually achieve this.

Would you also like to become an Omni Channel (Retail) company?

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