Retail digitization has had a major impact on everyday life. This can also be seen in the image on the street, where there are fewer and fewer shops and cafes. Statistics Netherlands has concluded that there has been a decrease in the number of shops and cafes compared to ten years ago. That does not mean less shopping. The shape has changed, because online shops have replaced it. When looking at the current picture, the focus is on Omni-Channel strategies. Customers are reached through multiple channels, with a lot of attention being paid to the experience and experience.


Popularity of online stores

The popularity of webshops is great. The number of physical stores has decreased by 4.4 percent in ten years. The number of online stores increased fivefold in the same period. However, there seems to be a turnaround now. When looking at everyday practice, the focus is shifted again. In the field of Ecommerce, it has also dawned that the customer wants more again. More in the field of experience and experience. This cannot always be achieved exclusively online. The choice to implement an Omni-Channel strategy is therefore quickly made. Opening physical stores offers additional options. In addition, digitization can enter the physical store.

Digitization of the Retail

Opening a physical store in combination with Ecommerce can be supplemented with further digitization. After all, it is about the feeling and experience that the customer wants to experience while shopping. The next step can be taken to serve the customer as broadly as possible and to offer the optimum shopping experience. This is possible by integrating digitization in stores. For example, by placing digital kiosks. Customers can then both see and touch the products in the store and discover what the online offer is. Orders can be placed from the digital kiosk, which can of course be delivered at home or collected at a later time. A digital kiosk can also take the form of an interactive terminal. For example, promotions and advertising messages can be displayed on this.

The kiosk connects the store and webshop, as it were. In this way, a sophisticated Omni-Channel strategy can be mapped out, where clicks and bricks are united in a unique way.

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