When you think of the term Marketing Automation, you tend to think of standardized, impersonal communication. Nothing is less true. In Ecommerce Marketing Automation is a prerequisite for relevant and personalized interaction with (potential) customers. This applies to both B2C and B2B. There are many techniques that can be used on the cutting edge of IT, marketing and Ecommerce. The time that Marketing Automation was mainly linked to automated email campaigns is far behind us. We list a number of Marketing Automation trends.

Conversational Marketing

Of the many Marketing Automation trends described online, Conversational Marketing is among the most mentioned. The chatbot, for instance, has been around for quite some time now in Ecommerce. Consumers have no problem with it, as long as relevant information is provided in this automated way. So upgrading chatbot functions, among others by using AI and Machine Learning, is the biggest challenge.

Personalization of the Customer Experience

It is a foundation rather than a trend by now. Personalization is an integral part of the world of Ecommerce. It is currently the most successful form of Marketing Automation. Personalisation, in every phase of the sales funnel, is crucial for the quality of the Customer Experience. The need for a personalized buying experience puts a lot of weight on the urgency of efficient customer data flows. This explains the still growing interest in Customer Data Platforms.

Voice Response

Often mentioned, but still only sparsely applied in Ecommerce. But in the near future intelligent, self-learning Voice Response systems (IVR) will certainly play a role in the Customer Journey. In fact, insiders predict that IVR will radically change the nature of Ecommerce. At the same time, there are cross-thinkers who claim that IVR will not be a part of the customer journey at all. no future has. For traditional telephony and client services related applications, this certainly holds some truth. But new technologies, powered by AI, will certainly leave their mark on Ecommerce.

Single 360⁰ Customer View

Marketing, online and offline, loves buzz words and abbreviations. One abbreviation that pops up regularly in Marketing Automation trends is SCV. It stands for Single Customer View. The idea is simple and makes sense. In short: for effective Marketing Automation processes, you need complete 360⁰ customer profiles of your individual customers. Only then are you able to inform and target customers at the ultimate moment and via the most effective channels. The SCV trend once again emphasizes the vital importance of customer data and intelligent personalization software.

Customer Reward Incentives

An increasing number of Ecommerce companies are deploying automated reward campaigns for existing clients. The principle is simple: those who appreciate their clients and show it, get a lot in return. Think of great references, repeat visits and loyalty. These campaigns are also only successful if they are data-driven in all respects. But isn't that true for all current and future MarTech efforts?

Marketing Automation Trends in B2B

Marketing Automation is also big business in the B2B industry that is increasingly manifesting itself online. Worldwide, the market represents worth over US$1.2 trillion, according to US research from 2019, There was an annual growth prediction of 20% attached to it. Given COVID-19, it's obvious that that prediction has been far exceeded. The same survey found that only 14% of B2B respondents were still concretely benefiting from Marketing Automation applications. 43% said they were only using the basic functions of their platform, 18% said they were not taking advantage of the opportunities. That picture has now changed radically.

Marketing Automation trends in B2B also point to an increasing focus on the personalization of the Customer Experience. Technologies used focus on Email campaigns, SMS contacts, Direct Mail and social media. Major steps are also being taken in the automation of online advertising buying. In addition, Conversational Marketing and SCV (Single Customer View) are also mentioned as important trends in B2B. And here, too, the ultimate challenge is: 'we will only succeed if we use our customer data processes one hundred percent in order.


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