The benchmark study 'Thuiswinkel Markt Monitor' provides a concrete insight into the B2C market for Ecommerce in the Netherlands. Nowadays, it also provides interesting information about Mobile Ecommerce, such as shopping with a smartphone.

Shopping with the smartphone

The latest research shows how mobile devices will play an increasingly important role. This shows that no less than a fifth of consumers who shop online do so with their smartphones.

2.17 million people in the Netherlands shopped at least once via smartphone in the third quarter of 2016. This amounts to 20% of online shopping consumers in the Netherlands. This is an increase of 6% compared to the same period last year. The increasing popularity of shopping with the smartphone offers opportunities for retailers.

Increase in online spending offers opportunities

Consumer confidence is increasing. That is one reason that online spending will continue to grow in the near future. More and more people are discovering the convenience of online shopping. Young people have opted much more often to buy products online and to purchase services via smartphone.

To participate in the race for consumers, it is necessary to go along with the need. If a consumer wants to buy something via a smartphone, he also wants to be served at his beck and call. Just like in a physical store. This means that an optimal speed must be offered when using a mobile site. This can be done by optimizing visuals, among other things. If foreign visitors come, using a CDN network offers a solution.

Responding to the needs of the customer

A customer wants to go through all steps quickly when shopping online. In a physical store, for example, customers hate having to wait long in a row. When shopping online, this annoyance can occur in other areas. For example, if everything takes too long, such as loading products or returning to the previous product. The customer also wants to be presented efficiently with regard to payment.

Payment methods that are suitable to pay for the online purchase via smartphone are therefore indispensable. iDeal Mobile, but also PayPal offer a solution. Consumers are also increasingly happy to pay afterwards. So after receiving the order. Returning customers who pay with a credit or debit card appreciate not having to enter the information over and over again. This data can be stored, for example, if the shop is PCI complaint.

Shopping with a smartphone is becoming popular. However, it is important to optimize all channels and functionalities. Consider usability, providing valuable content and unique methods for selecting and searching articles. Cross / upsell also belongs in this list, just like personalizing the customer experience. Opportunities await retailers who focus on this combination of factors.

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