The new UPS Pulse of the Omni-channel Retailer survey 2016 shows that retailers in the Netherlands are too slow to respond to the flex shopper or the digital consumer. These flex shoppers have continuous access to information about products, prices and availability through various sales channels. The flex shopper chooses the sales channel that best meets consumer needs. Right away PIM system as a retailer you can respond faster to the needs of the flex shopper and increase the conversion of your webshop.


The why of a PIM system

The PIM system stands for Product Information Management. This system is now a must for medium and large organizations in the e-commerce sector to attract customers. Why is that so? The main reason is that there is consistency of product information across all channels when using this system. And that offers the best basis for increasing the conversion for you as a retailer, but also as a producer or as a wholesaler. How does it work? Today's flex shoppers take advantage of the ability to compare multiple online and traditional channels. If you provide a sales channel that provides all product information in a consistent manner, it gives consumers security and confidence.

Consider the following to give a concrete picture of the importance of using a PIM system. A web store that focuses on the sale of bicycles also offers the opportunity to purchase, for example, a chain lock, bicycle helmet or bicycle bags. In addition, a size table for bicycles is used. The PIM system offers the possibility to make connections between the products and product data. PIM combines the information for different channels in a consistent manner. Whichever sales channel of your company the customer ends up with, there will always be recognition because a consistent flow of information is provided.

All information on a silver platter

In addition, it is possible to attribute certain values to products. You can think of specific international standards, such as GS1. The assignment of classifications has the advantage that the consumer receives a wealth of information about the product. If the consumer is presented with all information about your product on a silver platter, this leads to certainty. That certainty leads to a higher webshop conversion. Consumers would also like to be provided with information about stock, delivery time and any matching options. The PIM system provides this information to your customer.

Brand perception and recognition

PIM has conquered an important position at the level of omnichannel. By simply providing central storage for all product data and information related to the products. The content offered, varying from texts to videos and from images to size tables, is offered in the same way across all channels. That is the perfect basis for brand experience, recognition and image of your company.

Do you want to increase the conversion? Then the PIM system is the best basis for this. EcommerceResult is happy to help you make the right choice from the range with PIM systems.

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