In the current corona era, online business is the new norm. That is why the knives are sharpened in both retail and the wholesale world to find and bind prospects and customers. Everything has to be right. Because nothing is easier for critical consumers and buyers to look a door further. Especially in the B2C sphere, the User Experience (UX) and the Customer Experience (CX) are of vital importance in today's competition. Data-driven Customer Experience makes the ultimate difference.

UX - the user experience - is mainly about the efficiency and ease of use of your website and the quality of your products and ordering, payment and distribution services. By providing clear navigation options and supporting every action in a logical way, you have won a world. Customers who know their way around your site and are satisfied with the quality and service you offer will be happy to return.

Data-driven Customer Experience colors the future of Ecommerce

In contrast, CX - the customer experience - is broader and more complicated. Because optimizing the Customer Experience focuses on tailoring every customer contact to the experience and expectations of that customer. Better still, if CX optimization focuses on exceeding those expectations. But then you have to know the customer through and through. This can only be achieved by consistently collecting, combining and analyzing customer data and linking smart marketing tools to it. Data-driven Customer Experience is the future. In fact, Data-driven Customer Experience is the only way to survive on the Ecommerce battleground. CX is on every hit list of the most important Ecommerce trends.

A satisfying customer experience starts with UX. But an ultimate, personalized customer experience starts with Data-driven Customer Experience. That ultimate Customer Experience extends considerably further than your webshop or platform. In today's multichannel commerce, every contact must be relevant and positive. Everything counts: mobile, your performance on social media, your presentation on national and international marketplaces, the interaction on the shop floor. Online and offline, your customers want to experience that you know their wishes and preferences. Even better, in a manner of speaking, than he or she himself. That is why Data-driven Customer Experience is so urgent.

Serve your customers with a personalized story

The principle is simple. Let's take a look at the proverbial butcher on the corner who welcomes a regular, loyal customer, Mrs. Nelissen. He has his personal story ready immediately: "Good morning, Mrs. Nelissen, how is your husband?" The answer is guessable and the butcher plays his trump card. "Then I have an offer for you that will make your husband feel better and you hardly need to worry about it." Mrs. Nelissen is pleased with the attention. The offer, a varied BBQ package with ready-made salads, fits her mood exactly. Mr Nelissen will soon be able to indulge himself. To be on the safe side, she takes another bag of charcoal and allows herself to be tempted by luxury meat products. Customer satisfied, butcher satisfied.

In short: in B2C Ecommerce everyone should want to be that 'butcher on the corner'. Of course you take things bigger. After all, not your local neighborhood, but the world is in principle your sales market. But in serving potential and existing customers, it is precisely small signals that are decisive, details. These are the signals that indicate that you understand what customers want and what makes them happy. But is that possible? You don't see online customers. So it seems almost impossible to build a 'real' relationship with that. Nothing is less true.

Data-driven Customer Experience takes Ecommerce to the next level

Of course you can also get to know your online customers through and through. Not by sight, but by their online behavior. You can follow exactly how they search, what they order, when they abandon their 'shopping cart' without paying, what they like or dislike, which offers they are receptive to. Mix that with customer profiles, order, payment and delivery data and external market information and you have a pretty complete picture. With adequate data, preferably brought together and accessible in one central database , you have a broad and dynamic basis to serve your customers optimally and personally. With Data-Driven Customer Experience you take Ecommerce to the next level. In this way you serve a market that knows no boundaries with the customer knowledge of the local retailer.

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